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Hi there; my name is Tom, a convert to the world of world-building, recent graduate and all-round mechanical tinkerer. My sister is the one that brought me around to it, although she's more into roleplaying herself inside the world of Harry Potter. Fun though this is (and I did give it a fair go for a while) it really didn't give me anything to bite into intellectually.

I ended up scribbling and doodling and have ended up with something along the lines of a world avec primative and advanced life forms; not really too sure whether or not to make them co-exist in harmony or not yet, but I'm working on the kinks.

Hopefully I'll be able to draw on the (what looks nigh on infinite) wisdom within the halls and corridors of the citadel; it just seems more my kind of place.....not that I have anything against my teenage sister or her ilk :p

Greetings, health, wealth and a fair wind to all;

Hey there, and welcome.

The citadel is quiet in the summer, but I guess someone will come around from time to time.

Noted, thanks :] Quiet usually equates to a good working environment for me, and it means if everyone's busy over the summer, I'll have the time to flesh something out for their return ;] Win win!

Oh yes, win win for us too! The summer doldrums it is but it is a relaxing time. No pressure, just lounging on the site slowly sipping lightly poisoned lemonade in order to develop a resistance.

I happened to hear to any carbonated drink generally takes the bite off of any given poison. Kind of makes the whole process redundant as far as I can see. Now, hard liqueur on the other hand, that'll enhance the lethal properties of the poison and speed up the resistance building; all rumours though, I personally don't know :p


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