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List of banners just cause I felt like it. Will update as I put them together. Goal is every Golden Sub (as of my time of searching) will get a banner.  All Quests will get an updated banner as well. Then there is the Golden and HoH page banners.

If you are the author of a Golden Submission or feel like making one, I would be happy to accept banners. It would save me some work. :)

How's this?

Inputted, it is AWESOME!

 Can you do the rest?  LOL.... (not kidding either :) )


I'm busy training for a new job, so I can't take them all on at once. But if you want to assign me them one at a time, I'll try and produce one every 24-48 hours.

Deal?  :D

As your mood suits you my friend. I read through the Golden to see which one I feel like doing when I get the creative bug.

There are quite a few left:


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