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The farmer looked shocked at Erica's threat of violence, and slowly regained himself.

"Hold on now," He said. running up to Alejandro once more, "You're going to get those red things away for good? We would mightily appreciate it, and be more than willing to show our thanks for the arrival of some new heroes. You ought to stop by the cluster of buildings down there," He points to the region in front of the tower, "The Mayor of Halea's Reach will surely thank you properly and might even throw a big celebration and all that. I'm heading down there now, I'll let him know what happened here." With that he began his trip into town.

Grendo was looking around at the others. Elrim helping the unconscious boy, Alejandro talking to the beast, and how Erica and Gagaric dispatched the monsters so swiftly. He cleared his throat, "Uh, friends? I think I will be leaving now. It's really not my place to be here, I'm just a simple message runner. I'm no hero. I'm not cut out for this monster slaying business. So... Does anyone have a message they want relayed before I go?"

"I guess you never ran messages in the tunnels below Deepmir - but if monsters are not to your taste: don't."

Having missed Erika's exchange with the farmer, he just turned to his comrades: "This offer of highland hospitality strikes me as opportune. Shall we? We may learn more of the tower!"

Gagaric took a double take.

"Didn't you just say you bought time? I think a side trip will kill those victims you promised to save.
Though, if that's what you want to do, I can always use another drink," Gagaric shrugged.

"The temptation - to save lives or socialize, a dire conundrum!"
Alejandro began to ponder.
Erica slapped him.
Alejandro ceased pondering.

"I think the life-saving might be the right course, yes?"

To the farmer, he hollered:
"Research all that is possible about the tower, and come back to tell! We will be investigating it."

He gave the phantom steed a light nudge, and rode towards the shimmering spire.

The farmer turned arouns at being told to do research, "Research the tower? Ain't much to research in town, you'd have to go in it for that. I hear Calahir and Albie, Belrath's old adventuring friends, tried just that not too long ago. You might meet them in there, I suppose. I wouldn't want to be in there when it vanishes though, there's no telling where it is that it goes."

The farmer shrugged and looked to see if more was needed of him.


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