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The frightened farmers run for their dwellings, three of them are nearly there. It seems a fourth, a young boy, has fallen in his escape attempt. There is one fearsome red-scaled being heading for him, and three others chasing after the fleeing farm hands, while the fifth prepares to fire his twin longbows at the approaching threats... You.

is there any cover near our group?

Sighing again, Gagaric spurred his horse to a charge and leveled his lance towards the red scaled thing menacing the boy. 

<ooc - how close together are bowman and the one Gagaric is targeting? >

<OOC - To answer questions: There is very little but green grass and low walls for cover, unless you are looking to flee back into the forest. The bow-wielding creature is 30 feet from the one assaulting the child, with the others roughly 10 more feet to the left. We have started initiative, as rolled in this post -,5595.msg70147.html#new Please check there for OOC and basically the numbers behind the game. I will post the Monsters' actions once Elrim has gone. /OOC>

His stout but swift feet carrying him ahead of his comrades, Elrimm spotted the boy and made straight for his pursuer. His jaw set in a tight grimace, he leapt upon the creature to grapple it. As a passing thought, it occurred to the monk that Kyn might have done well to bless dwarves with an extra set of limbs as this one had, but he wasn't about to question the wisdom of the gods.

<Closing the extra 40' between Elrimm and the bandits, then attempting to grapple the one heading for the boy>


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