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Scene One - Farmlands surrounding Halea's Reach:

--- Quote ---Your group has been traveling along the Maddox Trail for nearly a week now. The five of you have been together since meeting in Goggle Rock, a small Gnomish community and well-respected rest stop. The Maddox trail continued from there through the Faust Woods and finally, after a few mishaps and side adventures, emerges upon a scene of rolling green hills and scattered farm houses and pasteurs seperated by low stone walls.

During your trials upon the Maddox Trail you had encountered a band of frightened farmers, fleeing Halea's Reach claiming invasion by multi-armed red demons. They were quick to go on their way, working towards Goggle Rock at a fast pace, but you did get that little information from them.

As you crest the first green hillock, you can see what could only be The Jackal's tower off in the distance. A slender spiraling structure that glitters like alabaster in the setting sun, it looks odd, as if it wasn't quite there but is slowly solidifying. Might be a trick of the light and the odd materials.

A scream pierces the quiet evening air, followed by others, and the sounds of general panic and chaos ensue. Removing your eyes from the glittering tower, looking towards the alarming sounds further down the road, you catch a glimpse of five red-scaled, fearsome humanoids, each with four arms. They are racing towards a farmhouse while the panicked country folk run for the relative safety of their structures.
--- End quote ---

Welcome to Halea's Reach.

"Either they have rather curious folk customs here and this is a part of the celebrations, or the frightful farmers were indeed scared by these creatures."
Alejandro took a closer look - were those four-armed overgrown kobolds? Mutated lizardmen? Half-dragon naga-kin?

He urged his phantom steed on, mist trailing behind its shadowy form, approaching the scene.

"Hello there! You seem like unique creatures! Let me take a look at you before someone harms you in self-defense!" he called out to the furious reptilians.

Erika just gave a hearty laugh: "That's certainly bound to catch their attention!" and ran after the scholar, ready to take flight.

Gagaric had no illusions on how this would likely play out. His impulsive employer had pulled him down similar paths before.
He simply sighed, slung his shield from his shoulder, readied his lance and followed the pair.

Elrimm Ironmind stretched his stout fingers, sauntering slowly but steadily toward the crimson marauders.

Grendo readies his sword and shield and slowly walks in the direction of the creatures.


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