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I am doing a full conversion of the css to be more adaptive. I notice that the current (soon to be old) site didn't transition well if you shrunk the screen...or expanded it for that matter.

It won't be perfect for a bit as it is more staged, but once the conversion is done it should work much better at smaller resolutions. The css should allow the site to render OK on smartphones and the ipad and such. In a nutshell, the columns should stack themselves instead of collapsing into a huge mess like they do now.

Currently the frontpage is done. Working on the submission pages now.

Let me know if you see any rendering errors.

Still destroying the header. Have no idea where I am going with it yet but be free with your comments or PMs and tell me it sucks. I work on it as I get the inkling. Right now I am in css mode so what is up there will probably be there for a little bit....maybe. ;)


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