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I have received 2 character sheets (Dozus and Echo's)

Expecting a new member (Friend from another site) jb105 to make a characters soon. Then, if no others show interest, we will begin.

(User - Char Name - Race/Class/levels - Notes)

EchoMirage - Alejandro Rassanti - Human Summoner 8
Dozus - Elrim Steelmind - Dwarf Monk 8 - Vows of Silence and Poverty
Jb105 - Unknown Character

An interesting group so far.


Your group had been together for a few weeks, heading north towards The Braall Peaks in search of a lost monastery said to hold documents and treasures relevant to your interests. Alejando, being a skilled linguist, would have had time to learn any Sign Language Elrim might know.

MY IDEAS (For your characters):
Alejandro's summon monster, Erika, is the manifestation of an ancient earth and stone being of great power that had been banished long ago by forces long forgotten. Summoners have the power to tap into the dark recesses of the world and draw forth previously forgotten beings of power in the form of their eidolon.

Elrim is a monk of Kyn, a revered being that embodies Earth and Water, seeking a balance between opposing elements. Elrim is silent and still like a rock, but capable of quickly changing himself into the fluid grace and torrential power of water.

That's it for now.

Seeing as Erika flies and has elemental lightning attacks, I'd have her be the manifestation of a handmaiden / valkyrie of some forgotten goddess, but the "forgotten being of power" theme is certainly there.

My overarching plot is to find what happened to her fellow handmaidens and the god-boss so long ago. (Well, it's her mission but as she's dear to Alejandro and has promised to show the archaeologist some interesting ruins, he does not object).

Sounds good to me, Echo. I can work with that.

More Updates:

Valadaar has expressed interest in playing a Tank, possibly Fighter.
Jb is also contemplating a Fighter.

You guys would be wise to stock up on healing potions and items with your starting gold.

Also would take this time to mention I am allowing Traits, as they are fun, handy, and help flesh out a character with skills and bonuses it might not otherwise have.

Link: on this page
You'll need to scroll down to find them. You may select up to 2 of them at character creation, but each must be from a different category.

Looking to get this game started soon, just waiting on jb and val's characters and I will start up a game thread.

Thanks for the interest, Guys.

EDIT: Don't forget about your favored class bonuses +1 HP or Skill Point per level can be useful. Also make sure to check out your Race in the Advanced rules for more favored class options.

Alejandro stands six feet tall, with long curly black hair, moustache and goatee. Enthusiastic black eyes gaze out of his angular face, with inquiry and a challenge in them.
He's sinewy of build, lively and energetic.
Having traveled all over the world, he feels at home everywhere, and usually speaks and dresses like a native within five minutes his of arrival.
Communicative and social, he's had most of his misadventures start with a sentence like: "Look, guys, my new friend here has agreed to lead us to the Temple of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named-Without-Good-Reason. Let's go!"
The rest usually begins with: "I'll be right back, I just have to sample the local... color."

He's a scholar, traveler and archaeologist.

Erika is a veritable amazon, standing slightly over eight feet tall, regal in build and posture; golden hair, gleaming skin, metallic wings and unnaturally polished armor shining on the backdrop of her carmine cloak. The winged helmet covers the upper half of her face, two pairs of ice-blue eyes piercing the world through its slits.
Her armor is in fact part of her; though the valkyrie is unarmed, it can form wicked blades crackling with lightning both on her arms and legs.


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