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Attention Strolenites: I will be starting up an 8th-Level Pathfinder game. I have one adventure planned to run, but the game may be expanded beyond it if interest prevails. I'm inviting anyone who wants to play to join me, looking for a maximum of 5 Players. I believe I have 1. Sign up in this thread, and post character details.

Setting: The plot is set in a small town called Halea's Reach. The game will begin as you are traveling past it. Obvious plot hooks will be obvious, I don't like to railroad but I am new to pbp GMing so I'm sticking with a premade adventure. The town is a small farming commuinity, with one major difference: Belrath "The Jackal" has built his mighty wizard tower overlooking the settlement, he is a local hero of some reknown and clearly not anyone to be suspicious of.

Allowed Material: anything from this website. If you've played D&D 3.x but not PF yet, you'll have little trouble making the switch. IF you have no experience with either, I'm willing to work with you.

Rules: I will make dice rolls as appropriate after you make your actions known to me, to keep things smooth. I may choose to use an alternate thread for dice rolls, so you can see them. PM me a number from 1 to 10 for your starting statistics. Take maximum HP at each level. Spend 33,000 GP, no more than 16,500 on a single item.

You're free to come up with an elaborate background, I will play off what you give me as best I can, but keep in mind typical D&D fantasy setting (Specifically Greyhawk), if you're interested in playing a Cleric then we can discuss a Diety for you

Anyone is welcome, feel free to ask questions, sign up fast please I'd like to get this up and running soon. Thank you.

EchoMirage reporting in! I will post a character soon.

*Attributes are rolled or bought? What method?
*Can we play the core classes only, or also the extra ones (witch, alchemist, summoner, oracle...)?
(yeah, I'd like to try a summoner)

Count me in! Details will be forthcoming.

I echo Echo's question: are the base classes from the APG available? They're not on Paizo's PRD, but they are on the Pathfinder SRD.

Let's use the 25-point Purchase rules.

and I intended for APG stuf to be available, but not Ultimate Magic yet. The APG info is on the right column of the page I links, they begin with Advanced- etc.

The stats for Alejandro Rassanti, my Summoner (and his precious Erika) can be found here.

(oh my, Summoner character sheets are looooong)

History and fluff to follow.  :up:


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