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It's just so hard. I'm so used to just making weapons that are powerful. I'm used to breaking all limites and creating the down right most powerful thing there is. Everything is just so dimensive with me, it's hard. I've never really had ruled role playing on those matters. Like I've never played Dungeons and Dragons. I rolled a character once, and it was really good...That's all I know. I need to think on making something with downsides, or maybe something not that powerful...

If something has too many downsides it's really not worth it...Then again if it's too plain then it's just not cool. I can't think like you people! I need to add some limitations to my mind, and not just think about being cool...I need to think about being real. Thanks for listening doc.

Chill out, man!

Okay, make limitlessly powerful items. We'll just give you constructive criticizm on them. No big deal, man.

Sure, sure. It is cute to always get the bigger gun. It is just... we want the items to be playable. We want to use them one day, either as players, or as GMs, for PCs or NPCs.

Try to think of something that is not too powerfull, but definitively useful. There is the greatest art. See the 'Second Skin' for a good example.

Different people play different styles of game: if your game involves big weapons then fair-dos. Most people will criticise based on their own style of play, which doesn't involve massively powerful artefacts, so don't worry if you get negative vibes! As long as your items are sufficiently interesting and original that's fine by me.

The only ones I have an objection to are generic items that have been made extremely powerful and are given "originality" by adding mass-produced storylines.


Hey! My unicorn dagger I believe was sort of original...I mean I saw a movie once where the demon dude had the unicorn horn and he was unstoppable..."Legend" it was. Also...um...stuff. The wings! The fairy corpses! Muahahaha!


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