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The Gatekeeper

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The score or so of onlookers in the tavern were rapt by the dazzling and mysterious display by the two diminutive combatants. Dolgin nearly lost himself as well, with nearly disastrous results.

The dwarf threw the entire bulk of his stocky frame at Kali, knocking her backwards out of her chair with a snap of breaking wooden legs.  The two landed on the floor in a heap as Rayne, standing silhouetted in the tavern doorway, leveled his crossbow for a second shot.  The first one had passed through the cowl of Kali's cloak as she had been violently thrown to the floor by Dolgin's tackle, scant inches from her head.

The priest's hammer spun into his hand seemingly of its own volition.  He rose it as the second quarrel streaked from from Rayne's crossbow.  Instead of finding it's target, Kali's head, it was blocked by the hammer, sending forth an arc of electrical energy that ran the length of the hammer and into Dolgin.

After some very unpriestly oaths, Dolgin uttered a prayer and kissed the head of the hammer.  Then he hurled it at the demon hunter from his position on the floor.  The hammer hummed towards Rayne and struck him in the chest with the sound of thunder.  The impact knocked Rayne backwards out of the tavern and across the road where he struck the wall about five feet off the ground breaking mortar and cracking bricks.

When the dust settled Rayne, amazingly slowly stood and drew two long swords.  He tilted his neck until his neck cracked and slowly began walking back towards the tavern, smile on his face.  This might just be more of a challenge than he thought...

The gate opened without warning, close to the ceiling of the room, instantly filling the room with water.  The door burst outward off its hinges and the two windows crashed outward.  Salko fell to the center of the room flopping like a landed fish, spitting out water and gasping for air.  The bed and other furnishings in the room were instantly saturated and the roar of water turned into the whoosh of water quickly leaving the room.
Salko retched; violently, vomiting dirty water onto the already soaked floor.  He staggered to his feet, eyes wild, heart racing.
No sign of Heckler.
With his heart starting to slow from a wild gallop to it’s normal canter he looked about beginning to wonder where he had ended up…

So quickly did the eruption take place that Aithne was not yet halfway into the room, her eyes still not fully adjusted, when chaos broke out.  She stopped.  Confused, she swirled around, squinting her eyes to better make sense of the blurs fighting behind her.  Strengthened by the eyes of the Bag, she was just beginning to discern a dimly familiar shape when a movement in the Bag made her aware that the situation was about to become more complicated.

"Don't you dare!", she whispered, pushing a frantic Cullen deeper into the Bag. "For the love of the Lady, BEHAVE."  Hard as it might be to draw more attention to their little group, a full sized, armor plated Cullin just might be able to do it.  Xeo's silver form shone clear for an instant.  She might have known!  She clenched her teeth to keep from screaming, knowing the futility of attempting to stop Xeo one he had engaged battle. Xeo!  Why was he even here.?  Oh, Cai had some answers to give.

Looking past the small combatants, she caught sight of the figure at the door.  At first no more that a dark shape against a dark ground, he was suddenly wreathed in filaments of power.  Blinding bright patterns.  New patterns... unknown to Aithne... with a power that almost knocked he to the floor.  Who was he?  Who was he here for?  Why was she so certain that he hunted no random prey?  Where in this chaos was his focus?

She wrapped her cape tight around herself and vanished into Shadow.  No eyes noticed.  All were watching the dog and his almost unseen partner.  She slowed her time so those around her moved as though in water.  The figure at the door raised a bow.  Her eyes traced the path his bolt must take.  He was going to fire at Dolgin!  No. Not him.  The beautiful not-a-demon.  This man was a demon hunter.  But she was not a demon. 

Even with time slowed, things moved too fast.  The arrow was on it's way.  She saw Dolgin throw himself at his companion, block the bolt, crash to the floor and throw his hammer.  She saw the hunter carried out of the inn by the force of Dolgin's hammer, but felt no sense of relief.  Cullen still struggled to join the mayhem.  Xeo was still there somewhere and could be counted on to do the unexpected.  Dolgin was unarmed, his friend still on the floor.  Aithne moved invisibly toward the members of her party.  Her back tingled with the touch of invisible tendrils.  She looked over her shoulder, only to see the hunter returning to the inn.

"Xeo!", she whispered urgently, "Come help me!"  Hoping that for once Xeo might do as she asked, Aithne rushed toward Dolgin.

Talvaenir was speaking to him immediately whispering warnings that were nearly drowned out in the psychic scream let forth by Zaxas as soon as he touched its black hilt.  Rayne's mind was buffeted by the energies of the two swords as they rushed into his body.  Swirling and clashing the sought to both devour each other and control his mind and bend it to their will.  Inwardly he fought a pitched battle for control while outwardly he strode resolutely toward the tavern, a sheen of sweat on his brow the only evidence of his clandestine struggle.  The eldritch energy spilled out of his eyes in a frightening display.  Talvaenir pulled his attention up....up...up

Energy flared from the sword as a thousand shards of ice descended upon Rayne in a blur.  Zaxas was enraged and shadow erupted that was a match for Talvaenir's light. The razor shards of ice hurled by the demon were turned aside for the most part but enough got through to slice the demon hunter's clothing and open long cuts on his face. The wind from Sarminglion's wings pushed light and shadow away as he reached for Rayne's swords with black claws as his barbed tail darted in overhead...


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