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Idea scrolls on normal subs


Is it considered bad form to add an idea scroll to another author's sub that isn't a list (30s, 101s, etc)?

I am sometimes tempted to add to others' subs, but I don't want to step on any toes.

Some examples of what I am talking about:

There are a number of subs which seem incomplete, yet appear to have been abandoned by the original author. For example, The Enori hasn't been touched in over 5 years, despite questions raised in the comments.

Some subs inspire plot hooks or other minor ideas. MoonHunter's Red Tiles, for example, could inspire a number of plot hooks based on body disposal.

Others appear to be intentionally left open-ended. The Mask that Grins and Lies comes to mind. (Never mind, Infested went and improved it himself :) )

Some subs create questions that the original author didn't think to ask. See axlerowes comments on my own The Undead Knights of Knonii.

I like the kind of give and take I see in the Citadel. We share ideas through chat, in the forum, and through comments. I'm just curious as to why I've only seen scrolls added to lists (of course, I've only perused a small fraction of the existing content, so correct me if I'm missing something.) As an author, I encourage others to expand on my own ideas.

How does everyone else feel about this?

Just need somebody to break the seal. :)

If the author doesn't want ideas added, they have that option to select when they input the submission so the Idea Scroll is a free for all if available. That said, there does seem to be a uneasiness about doing it.

On my list in front of me (not that this will save the old ones) is a feature that will give the author the ability to take a comment and move it up into the scrolls. A couple other ideas are floating in my head on identifying "author approved" ideas for bonus XP and some kind of identification (they should already get 5xp) and such to help spur the back and forth creativeness but still working the details in my head...which means I will decide how to do it when I start coding it.

I may put some kind of text or help hover or short explanation of it that gives the expectations of the usage.

The idea scroll is meant for additional ideas on the sub. The comments are for general question. So do questions about the post go under the main post in the comments? Do we give the author the ability to move comments up and down between the two? Then I will do a little work to make the understanding of how it works more easily accessible. Part of the upgrade I will be doing this week is feature identification and explanation. I tend to code stuff and never do any notification or documentation of it. :)

Anyway, I think I took us on a sidequest. I second your question. How do we want to work it?

All I can speak for is myself, but if I leave the option open for people to submit ideas to it, I'm all for people doing so.  The Citadel is here for the free-flow exchange of ideas, not just for self-aggrandizement.  I'd say have at it and step on as many toes as you like.  And seeing this I might go through all mine and convert them to scrolls just so people can do such...


And FYI, all subs are default as scrolls unless you purposely not allow them by choosing that option so all your should be good.

I'd have to agree, any and all ideas and improvements are most welcome on my subs, after all, an idea is usually enriched by sharing it with others ;)


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