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Archeoc was the language of the first Midalian Empire, and is still the language of science, academics and learning in Greatland. It also effectively functions as a lingua franca amongst the various western kingdoms, and it is still spoken widely in the eastern parts, where the population tend to be much more bilingually oriented.

I have taken the liberty of creating the language to show everyone, and my artistically talented friend was generous to create a functioning alphabet (if you're interested in similar work, I will be more than happy to direct you to him, he's truly a wonderful artist.) It's still very rough, and definitely still in it's alpha phases, but I have started to compile a lexicon, and have made extensive morphology charts and phonetic charts. I'll be posting these shortly.

Archeoc, for all you fellow Linguaphiles, is highly agglutinative. Every noun can be clearly broken down depending on it's function in the sentence into root word and case ending (of which there are many.) Verbs, likewise, can clearly be broken down into  the stem, tense, person, and mood.
I like to think it's a fairly simple system, though what is simple to me, might seem alien to you.
Here's the link to the Language Chart detailing verb + noun endings. Tell me what you think =]

Declension and Conjugation

I have also started on some basic morphologies. Take a look, tell me if anything sticks out - things you like, or things you don't.

Finally, my friend was nice enough to construct a phonetic alphabet for me. Take a look!

added a brief Introduction to the setting on the first post! Check it out and tell me first impressions!


--- Quote from: hylandpad on June 07, 2011, 07:31:27 PM ---added a brief Introduction to the setting on the first post! Check it out and tell me first impressions!

--- End quote ---

Very nice and effective intro. Having that high-level view of things puts the details in perspective.

By the gods, the grammar on the introductory paragraph is terrible.


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