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It was said that a mercenary assassin once killed a Unicorn. He took the horn and took it to a hidden dwarven crafter. The crafter designed it into a dagger, but it wasn't complete yet. The mercenary assassin then slayed a dragon, and also brought the torn off wings of Djinni.

The dagger was forged, the blood stained onto it and the wings laid along it. The wings glow of a soft red, giving off the enchantment of their power. The dragon's blood makes the dagger seem dark, even in the blare of light it would seem as though only dim lit.

The dagger curses any flesh it cuts with death. The skin, or tissue it touches as it cuts will die from the touch of the blade, leaving a blackened gash in the person. This will cause extra bleeding as well.

The wings along the blade are searing hot to the touch, and will burn anything they come in contact with immediately.

The dagger can not be effected by any magical skills, for it is immune. Also it can pass through any shield of magic, as it is of course a Unicorn's horn.

This weapon must be held basically at all times, for it is hard to sheathe. The burning wings and it's flesh rotting cuts are dangerous for unskilled hands.

Now it lies hidden, resting upon the corpse of Djinni as they are the only thing the wings along the blade do not burn...

That should be in the Items section on the main page.

I realized that afterwards. I was writing this all down and when I was done I was like, "Wait, this should be somewhere else......." Then I copied and pasted it onto the Items thing. Thanks for reminding me anyway, though, Penguin. It was quite horrendous that I could have fallen into moronicy.

tis` commen place round these parts  :wink:

It's hard to get a good rating if you don't play Dungeons and Dragons. I'm not used to people making up their own races! I'm a Theologian. I read books, the real stuff, the stuff that real pagans, the people that truly believe in the existence of this stuff (Moi). It's just urgh...Sometimes it's frustrating when people put you down and it's not their fault, or your fault...


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