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Love the Sepia


You know I do love the whole sepia look of the place. It's just so nice...It gives it a sort of ancient sort of, hm, sort of look. It's great, I like it...Keep it comin. The textures and stuff, you should make more! Like, I like that subtle fabric texture that exists in the background, I do. It's quite incredible for something so humble. Anyway, yes, my comment.
You're a genius, Strolen.

Yes, I must agree with you. It gives the website a very welcoming feel.

I must also add that there is also a good core of characters within strolen. We all help keep this site fresh and humorous.

(and we actually use our imaginations occassionally)

we do...whats an emgonatso-thingymawhat?

Yep, turned from a serious den of knowledge to a confusing hedge of senselessness. Yeah, I love what you have done to the place.


Just kidding of course. I love the way the community is growing!

Thanks for the comments on the overall design. While Kate did make all the graphics, I did choose the background and color scheme. I didn't want the loudness of some site, didn't want white or black, but I also wanted to have some kind of ancient scroll feel to it.

I plan on playing with the entire site again once the new forums are released. I will have to redesign almost everything (keeping the same theme and major elements) because of the large upgrade it will be so I will be in the position where I can make more graphic details to blend everything together better. Won't increase the site by much downloading wise, but should enhance the environment. It will be fun and hopefully look really cool....down the road a bit though.


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