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CthulhuTech 'borrows' heavily from a variety of inspirations, from HP Lovecraft, to Robotech, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and a dozen other anime sources. Following in their own tradition, I am co-opting the mecha from Battletech to use in the game, rather than their mecha. Design wise, I don't like theirs, from capabilities, to ordinance, to basic appearance. So, no dressing it up, just making a hash out of it.

So entries will be as follows:
Mech Name
Any notes of interest

Atlantic Federation

Common light recon mech, pilots are selected for piloting skills over gunnery capability. Locusts are deployed around the world, but there are no space, air, or marine variants

Eurasian Alliance

Built as a copy of the Atlantic Federation's Stinger light mech. The Wasp is exported to the South African Republic, and to Australia.

Atlantic Federation

The most common mech built, Stingers are used in para-military apps, fire and rescue operations, and there are marine and space modified variants of the mech. The Stinger is exported to the Scandinavian Kingdoms, Oceania, and The Amazon League. The Stinger is also built in China, with a fuel cell system, rather than an Arc reactor, and its performance is much more limited.

Atlantic Federation

Built only in England, the Commando has enhanced electronics and EW systems, and is the 'unseen' mech of the Atlantic Federation. All Commandos are amphibious, and according to unofficial sources, there are space variants of the mech

Eurasian Alliance

The Javelin is an anti-vehicle mech, and sees limited use. Most military planners see the mech being used as a scout stalker, and anti-recon mech. The mech is fairly dated in terms of electronics and other systems. The Javelin is common in the South African Republics


Built in Japan, the Spider is an agile mech. It sees little use other than for export to the Atlantic Federation, Australia, and the SARs. Being one of the few mechs able to match the Locust for speed, is is commonly seen as the rival of the Locust.


Easily one of the oldest mechs in existence, the Urbanmech is a walking tank with a big gun. While slow, their armor is stout enough for urban combat. The Atlantic Federation has few Urbanmechs, while the ACPS and Japan have a large number of them in service.

Scandinavian Kingdoms

Built in a joint effort with the Atlantic Federation, the Kingdoms build the chassis, and the Federation supplies the arc reactors for the mechs. The Scandinavians get their own tough mech, with land and marine versions, while the Federation gets another mech without the investment costs of building the factory. Most Federation Valkyries are deployed in Alaska.


The Firestarter is considered a WMD due to its generous flamethrowers, and its fission reactor. Deployed mainly in SE Asia, and rural China, the mech is seen as part scout, part riot control, and is symbolic of the heavy hand of the Chairman of the ACPS.


Using a stable state fuel cell, Jenners are among the most common and reliable of ACPS mechs. Their range is limited by fuel and recharging, but other than this, it is an excellent mech. There are no marine versions of the mech.

Eurasian Alliance

The scout mech of the Alliance, the OstScout has among the finest electronic systems available. It is hampered by the fact that it is completely unarmed, and the design is considered to be dated, despite regular upgrades and refits. The mech is also very well known, unlike the Federation Commando, which can at a distance be mistaken for a Stinger or utility mech. The mech has marine, flight capable, and space variants.


The Panther was fully intended to be the Pride of Germany, built and manned by German crews who sided with the Eurasian Alliance rather than the Atlantic Federation. What transpired was an espionage tour de force. The mech designs and specs were stolen and distributed, and now the machine is being build in South Africa, China, as well as the original factories in east Germany and Poland. The Panther is a slow, if capable machine.



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