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You Are Alone


This is something I have been working on for a while.

Alright. Before we start, let's cover the rules. First, place all commands (I will place all narration) in a quote block.

--- Quote ---Like this.
--- End quote ---
Second, I am human, so I can understand all commands, including complete sentences. However, because I am human, I can't always narrate, so if I haven't, be patient. Also, do remember that you are alone. Unless you count the robot, who, by the way, is there to guide you, not to help you. And by guide you, I mean explain what's going on to you and that's about it. Lastly, as I can understand any command, I don't know what you guys are really gonna do, so only the very first part of this game is actually scripted. The rest will be improv. Note: Don't worry about dying, if you die, I'll restore you to the last point of safety.

I need to make this clear. You all control the same character. That is all. There's been confusion on that in the past, so just emphasizing it.

Let's get on with the show.

--- Quote ---Hello, my name is RX-17. On the request of your parents, I placed you in this simulation to protect you from the outside world, and in suspended animation for several years to protect you from dying. You are now 18. However, that is all I have on you, for a hacker deleted all other files on you. I can't take you out of the simulation until I have your basic information. So can you remember your name?
--- End quote ---
First part is a bit tedious, so just bear with me.

Yes, it's sort of a text adventure.

(I assume anyone can play? Or is this invite only?)

--- Quote ---"My name is Kimberly. Why was I in danger of dying? Was I inured or ill?"
--- End quote ---


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