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Today, writing feels like...

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Being barefoot with lead weights chained to my ankles while I try to drag them across a floor littered with broken glass.

Less than a week ago it felt like my fingertips were charged with electricity and every keystroke was a joy that lightened the spirit while whole worlds were drawn from the void and onto the screen.

What about you?

I'm in a similar mood, actually. I feel as if my muse has taken a vacation, for I know she will be back, but without her I am too scattered and acting on old ideas. I've decided to write a few things that have been in my head for a while and possibly finish them later. I don't know why today would be any different for writers but I'm feeling it, too.

Good luck.

My time is sucked away from me. I have had one idea for over a month and came up with a Quest idea that I just haven't had time to sit down and do. Have another quest idea I got on the bus. Now just need some hours that I can sit and write!

Driving large stone spikes into my head, while listening to muzak


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One more task in an overly long list of over due things on my agenda, that if forcused on right now will turn out sub-par at best sadly.  :down:


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