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We probably don't need an OOC for this game, but just in case...  :P

The Cast


Ray Stevenson as,

Frank "All-the-Way" Castiglione
You have my file. You now what I did. You know what I do.

Ryan Gosling as,

John "Cutter" Foster
Someone rob a bank or is there a manhunt going on?

and introducing Summer Glau as,

Kate Hammerhill
Perhaps getting involved wasn't the wisest move, but she'd never been much of a wallflower

With special appearence by Michael Madsen as,

Ozil Volchenko

It might come in handy, if for nothing else then a shout box for us if we're going to be away fro a few days due to computer issues or what not.

Soundtrack (so far)... (available for $9.99+shipping & handling, only through Strolen's Citadel)

1. Rush- Tom Sawyer

2. Rammstein- Du Hast

3. Toby Keith & Willie Nelson- Beer for my Horses

4. Kenny Loggins- Danger Zone

5. John Lee Hooker- I'm Going Upstairs

6. Urge Overkill- Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon

7. Creedence Clearwater Revival- Fortunate Son

8. Hugo- 99 Problems

Cutter shook s**t up.

PTSD is a b-i-t-c-h

I just realized I am playing a mentally compromised character in what is starting to feel like a CoC game. I am sooooo screwed, lmao


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