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hey folks my name is bounty_hunter and id like to intoduce myself
im a human warrior/assasin
in the realworld im from ohio
if i do anything stupid just tell me here or pm me
and also tell me somethings that i should know about this game and in order to survive in this game

Hello BountyHunter!
*A large elf walks up to you*
"A fellow warrior/assassin ay? Welcome to the citadel!"

(Dont worry about anything! Just follow along in the threads, and submit any ideas that come to mind!)

Oh, well, this isn't a game exactly. It's more or less a place to come for ideas. There's a freeform role-playing forum. You go there. Make a post, and then someone replies. Browse through some of the other posts to get an idea of how it's done.

Right, or you can check out the other sections for ideas on games like D&D!!!

yea well i call it a game
my bad your right its not nessaserily a game though


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