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Settings in Experimental Stage


I have finally put up a working Setting database as discussed here:

It is in its experimental stage at the moment but I have successfully inputed, deleted, and modified a submition.

What I would like is feedback on it to help make it better. As it is....well, it just is. Please see the thread listed previously for discussion and PLEASE tell me if something isn't working as soon as possible.

The setting are working great, getting votes and comments just fine. An excellent addition to the site. The only thing I've noticed is that the "New Posts" button doesn't pick up the settings or comments on the settings yet. Think you could code that in?

Once they are solidified I will figure out how to add them to the frontpage (urnning out of room) and code the new posts page as well...

Oh, and add the email option to the user options and get that working. No email for these submissions least there shouldn't be.

I take it back, the last visit should work as well as the email settings.

If you want emails, go ahead and go to the the User Panel and mark should work.


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