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Transformers and Influenza

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Ah, a new addition to the forum section no one reads or cares about. I don't care. I have the flu (Yay!) and the meds are giving me some seriously demented dreams. So there were some things I was thinking of and I do not have enough wits about me to be constructive in a productive fashion. Capitalizing the letter i is proving to be a challenge tonight. Did i mention that I went to bed at 7:30 and woke up about the time I would be getting home from work? It's teh awesomes.

1. Transformers are cyborgs

Inside that giant sexy 10,000 piece CGI rendered body, there is an organic brain. Just a brain. The original Cybertronians were meatsacks just like the rest of us, but they found rather than cocking about with sentient computers and all that, it was easier to just hardwire an organic brain in a nanite built metal exo-body. The brain is sealed deep inside the torso, the most heavily protected section. The body is a form of self-image, like residual appearance as described in the Matrix. Why are there female robots (which makes zero effing sense) because the brain inside still labels itself female or male, or whatever gender. After a while, the brain looses the labels it applied to its fleshy body and the transformer in question becomes an androgynous 'male' type creation. The Mi-Go use human brains to operate their robots and machinery and I think this is a core concept from the movie Skyline (did anyone go and see that one?)

So the original transformers were split into peacetime operations (construction, mining, exploration, rescue, heavy industry) and military applications. Your transformer ambulance is going to get to the hospital faster and safer than an organic pilot driving it. Same goes for military applications, the self repairing sentient war machines are brutally effective and the tank-bot can go from long range combat with its main gun to CQC in a matter of seconds.

That is until things start going wrong. I imagine that criminals and volunteers would have gone first, the Cybertronian Elite Guard being decorated but maimed war veterans, and the mining and menial tasks being unredeemed criminals. This would last for a while, but as the ranks grow larger there is going to be dissidence and eventual rebellion. Given the cost of the procedure, once you join up, it is for the rest of your considerable existance and personal freedom is shot straight out the door. The Decepticons form from military bots that go AWOL, not hard to do when you can turn into a space capable fighter craft. The war escalates as more and more peacetime 'bots are pressed into defending Cybertron from rogue agents, while real rogues, operating in disguise as peacetime bots (hence that whole Decepti prefix) are promoting their anarchist agenda and liberated mind-slaved autobots.

Rather than join the Decepticons in slaughtering the Cybertronians, they fight to defend them. There are plenty who do join the decepticons, but not all of them. Plus the Decepticons have no qualms about bolstering their ranks by brain-stealing Cybertronians to make new Decepticons who are brain-slaved just like the original autobots. Your named Decepticons are sentient and self aware, while the nameless drones are just that, nameless drones that fight and execute orders as given by their masters.

The war takes on a huge scale as the Cybertronians control a vast network of worlds linked together via space bridges. one captured space bridge, and a Decepticon armada can invade in minutes. This shuts down commerce, and one by one, the world fall to the Decepticon onslaught. Many worlds survive with Autobot protectors, but these are the exception rather than the rule.

What does this mean in the long term?

Decepticons are warriors and destroyers. While there are groups like the Constructicons, there are not enough to go around to support dozens of Decepticon worlds. Like locusts, they can only survive on the pillaging of other established worlds. Hence, why they are interested in worlds as primitive as Earth. We can be their meat slaves, building things for them, as well as providing fresh meaty brains for more decepticons. Plus, they have discovered that a few humans have what it takes to become a named decepticon, not just another nameless drone.

So the Autobot worlds exist much like the Roman Empire, magnificent and massively built, connected with judiciously guarded space bridges, and often run in concert with as many organic races as possible. The Decepticons are the barbarians tribes, mostly milling about but becoming an impressive horde when a capable leader comes along and whips them into a semblance of order.

2. Transformer Eggs

The term is used loosely. The generative material (a packet of stem cell-nanites) is placed on a suitable host (aka a tank, vehicle, etc). The first order of business that the packet will create a shell around this object, and after ascertaining what it is and saving its pattern, breaks it down into a nanite sludge. After a while, an embryonic 'bot is formed, and the vesicle for holding the brain is created and extruded to the surface. The 'egg' will remain like this, dormant, near indefinitely. A fresh still living brain is then placed in the vesicle which is drawn back into the nanite core, where it is hard wired to the body and an energon based life support system. Once this period is complete, the new transformer emerges as either a low sentience drone, or a stumbling confused fully intelligent and self aware transformer. If they don't stumble and scream when they hatch, they are a drone. Autobots don't like to use drones, and prefer to make their new recruits from volunteers who are conditioned for the process. This means that while the Decepticons have the advantage of numbers, overall the quality of autobot forces is much higher. 

Influenza  :down: Transformer Eggs  :up:

I was also struck by the fact that the original Transformers Cartoon had the autobots spread all across different makes and models of cars, even if some of them were generic. The remakes have all of them as either military hardware, or GM built cars. I had some other fevered ideas.

1. Prowl
Originally a Nissan 260-280 ish police car. 2010 upgrade, how about a South Carolina State Dodge Charger police car with the black front tubular steel bumper. Quiet, but won't think twice about beating some Decepticon ass. Barricade should probably sneak back home.

2. Ironhide
Originally a minivan, then a Topkick heavy truck. I live the truck state and I have seen exactly one Topkick. Rather than going back to the minivan idea, Ironhide should be a Ford Excursion, and be red instead of black makes everything better.

3. Ratchet
minivan ambulance, the revised real ambulance works well, keep that.

4. Bumblebee
I love the Camaro, i really do, and the Old Camaro Bumblebee more that the new Camaro Bumblebee. But in the OS, he was a whiny annoying VW Beetle. I wont send him back to that personal hell, but I would make him something a little less badass. Something like a European model Ford Focus or Ford Fiesta (one of those with the Volvo V6 in it) He is still not the Urkell of autobots, but he is back to more of his scout-y type roots.

5. Optimus Prime
I like the revamped Prime as a long nose Semi. MotorMaster, Prime's black Semi rival however will keep the cab-over-engine design, its both more metal, and more brutal.

6. Jazz
Originally a Porshe of some species, he is revamped as a Pontiac Solstice. That would have been okay if the Solstice didn't suck. It looks awesome, but that is about all. Instead, I would revamp him into the Audi TT roadster. Keeps the small size and the hipster cool thing going, without wandering into lame GM car territory.

What about Lugnut?


--- Quote from: Murometz on December 23, 2010, 12:34:26 AM ---What about Lugnut?

--- End quote ---

Yak-28 medium bomber. I have been leaning more towards Soviet/Chinese/Arab gear for Decepticons on Earth


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