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Stuck in the desert?

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Had to share it since I thought it was darn interresting but perhaps not the most useful in reality.

Large square sheet of plastic.
Bowl or container of some sort.
Stuck in the desert with no water.

So you are trapped in the desert but happen to have the above requirements you will be able to make enough water to keep you alive.

First, dig a hole in the sand, it was suggested to be 4ft x 3ft deep.
In the center of the hole place your containter.
Place the plastic sheet over the hole and secure it so it completely covers the hole.
Using a rock or some sand, put some in the middle of the sheet of plastic to cause a dip directly over the container in the hole.
Wait hours and hours and the sun will slowly evaporate any liquid in the sand, it will condensate on the plastic and run down to the dip you created and drip into the container.

Just thought that was pretty cool. Some kid science program.

Wonder if the fantasy realm could use some kind of fabric instead of plastic to make it an interesting addition to a game.

very cool strolen maybe ill tell my nephew to do it heh.

Oh yeah, Umbra, like Sky would get himself stuck in the desert!

he would i swear heh cuz id put the little *explitive deleted* there.

The material would have to be tranparent, or at least translucent (cloudy), and water proof. Giant squid/whale/shark eyelid or eyeball? Cleaned and stretched selkie gut? It would also have to be able to stay flexible after exposure to extreme heat and moisture. Some part of a salamander or a steam imp?

Possibilites abound.


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