Author Topic: Idea for a race of sentient beings  (Read 3358 times)

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Idea for a race of sentient beings
« on: March 14, 2011, 06:07:47 AM »
   I have an idea for a race of beings set in my Eshal world for those of you familiar with it.  Now what I 'm about to say next will probably prompt accusations that I'm ripping of the Predator franchise (and maybe I am), but I see them as  semi-amphibious  beings (with limited terrestrial  capabilities) who have almost sci-fi level technology which makes them feared and dreaded by their neighbours. Now the crucial difference between them and the Predators  is that unlike the latter who in the films hunt simply for pleasure and entertainment, these beings are environmental fascists, as well as extreme believers in eugenics who belief that by hunting and culling less advanced (and environmentally dsestructive)  species, they  prevent over population and its attending consequences, as well as ensure that the feeble of their own race die and thus lose the opportunity to spread their DNA.
 Over centuries however, this belief has become a state mandated activity with only successful hunters   allowed to mate. They society also resembles that of the Spartans in the sense that they are served by enslaved members of less advanced but somewhat tractable  species (like humans) and belief that any slackening of their commitment to the hunt will mean their eventual  overthrow  by their slaves. They themselves  belief in a policy of colonising various parts of the world as is their superior genetic right but   the rigours of their culture ensure as well as a comparatively  low birth-rate, prevents them from dominating everyone else with their superior technology. I guess the question I’m really asking is   how can I ensure that  these almost Nazi-like  beings who belief that their ‘’superior’’ DNA itself is a mystical force, won’t come out as some stale re-hash of its parent source, namely Predator?  I’d really  appreciate some feedback here so thanks to anyone who reads this.
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Re: Idea for a race of sentient beings
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2011, 02:45:56 PM »
Sounds like Predator.

Ya know that had to be the first line of any reply!

My ideas are generally unusable but occasionally they spark some extra thought so will do a little brainstorming.

It seems to me that they would be very political. If only the successful hunters are allowed to mate, that leaves a lot of lesser's jockeying for position of favor amongst those chosen. Because coming with the ability to mate, to me, would come many more perks as the "chosen ones." The kind of slaves they keep could also be a type of honor too. There may be certain species that creates the whisper "He has a Orkling, where did he get that?" and that would spark even more if a lesser unchosen had one or more of them. So the dynamic of them may be constantly shifting as they try and one up each other looking to gain favor and, perhaps, eventually become a chosen. The chosen, depending on how their offspring develop, might be a family thing where they Darwin themselves into an elite section of society where the lessers don't even have a chance. Or they can be Klingon where the strongest rules. The use of slaves, some which may be a physical match to the, might be used to jockey position as well. Assassinations might be common place and a way of life. Or they might be totally underhanded and embarrassing to use. Either way, that would help define them and their code better. Any death or change of status would be greatly ritualized since their race is so difficult to procreate any change would be seen as an injury to their race, but accepted if they follow the conditions of the kill.

I don't really remember the Predator's that much. Mainly an original type guy and haven't seen any of the ones beyond the first. I probably got off track and my girl needs to get out of the bath. Random thoughts as always. :)

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Re: Idea for a race of sentient beings
« Reply #2 on: March 14, 2011, 03:22:08 PM »
Actually this conjurs images of the hirogen from Star Trek Voyager.

One idea might be to demonstrate how the hunt is integrated into their culture in other ways.  It occurs to me that the status associated with being a skilled hunter only exists if the story of your hunt is made known.  You could have a segment of the population dedicated to storytelling and art.  They create legendary works of art based on notable hunts.  As they do not hunt themselves, they may not enjoy the same status as the hunters, but they are vital to hunters maintaining their status.  They would be accorded a degree of respect as hunters would seek to have the best artists tell their story.  In fact the artists in many way would play a key role in politics.  The hunters may fear the slaves, but the artists are the real threat to their power.

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Re: Idea for a race of sentient beings
« Reply #3 on: March 15, 2011, 03:06:32 AM »
I'd rehash the 'hunt' thing - if you want to suppress inferior beings such as goblins large-scale and efficiently, a sole individual, unless a he's freakin' dragon, will not do.

Hence, I'd move away from the hunt and call it... intervention? Nah. Strikes? Campaigns? Genocide is quite methodical, actually.
So, they might have a military rule, with medals and distinctions playing a major role. If they are so superior, perchance with high regenerative capabilities, they might have medals for "losing a limb and fighting on". Of course they'd get distinctions for kills. I see them having a magic-tech thing that stores the blood of their kills and can conjure the images of their victims - it may be forearm armor combined with a retractable blade?

Also, they might be capable of a great degree of adaptation - if wounded often, one would develop bone armor; excessive training would lead to great muscle and bone structure. A scout or sneak would try to avoid getting wounded and exercising too much, as to prevent excessive growth and stay nimble.
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