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What to do when you meet your Doppelganger

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8, Unless the doppelganger wants to kill you and take over your life, it is actually a cool thing to have happen! Have all sorts of fun! First thing: visit that friend of yours who has that dirty fantasy about twins and tell her that it just became real.

Ancient Gamer:
9. Try out Matrix-style slow motion Bruce Lee moves. If your doppleganger blocks and counters, it is indeed a Prime Doppleganger, and you get double XP for slaying it.

10. Whenever someone tells you to go **** yourself...now you can!!

Apparently, my Doppelganger is less than law abiding. I've been "recognized" by bail bondsmen (letting me know they're there for me), rough looking sorts on the street (asking me if it feels good to be "out"), and snaggle-toothed tweakers of ancient-looking vintage (nearly tried to give me a hug... *shudders*).


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