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Submission Title Snafu


Alright, I am already preparing myself for general scorn/mockery/tomato throwing, BUT I was hoping I could get some help in changing the titles for two of my submissions.  I know, I know:

--- Quote ---The title chosen will create a title link that will be PERMANENT. You can change the title in the future but the link made from the original title will never change. This is to keep links from being broken.
--- End quote ---

I took this to mean that any links that had already been created between this sub and others would remain the same, so any link-backs, quotes, etc would be left with the old name.  I just figured that if I used a dummy title during composition and then changed it before making it unhidden (and thus, before anyone had gotten the chance to link to it) that it wouldn't be a problem.  In hindsight, I should probably just have stuck with writing all of my stuff in Word or Google docs until it was ready to upload, which is what I intend to do in the future.

I would really appreciate it if a mod could help me change the links for Memory Moths (formerly "Memory Mites") and The Singing Wood (formerly "Musical Forest").

Done and done. No heckling necessary. :)

Holy crap that was quick.  Thanks!


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