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After sitting in recharge mode for close to nine years, Eva reached 100% charge and her systems restarted. Like Rip Van Winkle waking from his decades long slumber, her world was vastly changed. The comfortable suburban home she powered down in was in ruins. The windows were broken, and there was a hole in the ceiling. The engineer (Name: Data Missing) wasnt home. No one was, and it was obvious the power was out. That wasn't much of a surprise, the power had been going in and out regularly Calaway. Power logs indicated that running direct power access was taking as long as 3 days to reach 100% charge. Her body was covered with a layer of dust and fine debris. The solar charger was laying on the floor, half in the shade. Between shadows, dust and some of the cells being flat out broken, no wonder the charge cycle had taken so long. It did seem odd that (engineer) did not repair the charger, or even just sit the unit back in the window.

Outside was much the same. The community of Calaway was ruined. The houses were shattered, burnt, falling in on themselves. There was no sign of human life, nor was there indication of livestock or pets.

[Anomaly Detected...

Processor network unstable
Irregular activity in SPU sectors 11, 17, 21, 22, 24, 35, 39, 44
Corruption detected in multiple sectors
...running corrective diagnostics]

Eva stood perfectly still, her neuro-electronic brain sorting through millions of lines of code and running file correction software.

[Corruption Unresolved...

Recommend return to home Charge station and access HitomiTech software support for data restoration]

Eva smirked, an involuntary twitch, mirth. HitomiTech had been offline for thirty some odd years, (engineer) had done all her maintenance. He made constant comments about tech support being useless, and that all the corrective software installed, and his code would keep her brain cobweb free.

She guessed he was right. Basic operation procedure should have been to sit in the chair until someone interacted with her.

Then someone did. Lost in operational updates and memory restorations, someone all but snuck up on her.

"You look lost," a (female) voice said, "You an arco-exile?" By appearance, the gender of the speaker was well concealed by heavy clothing, and her face was covered by goggles and a scarf. Temperature registered as 'cold'.

[Engineer] and her had left the arcology fifteen years ago, not on good terms with several influential individuals, and not entirely voluntarily.
Hence, the truthful answer was more 'yes' than 'no'.
Some footage from that time she had flagged as important, though whatever had happened in between put innumerable errors in them. Time and power permitting, she would analyze them again. She'd have to analyze a lot, to sort the memories, and find out what transpired - and what course she should take.

There was concern in the stranger's voice, and she did not seem to be a threat.
"Good guess - it happens to be true" Eva smiled, brushing the debris and dirt aside. "Please forgive me - I am not in a very presentable state ... and my 'home' offers little comfort I could share."

"Yeah, there isn't much sharing these days, its all either trade, or flat out taking." the (female) said. "The name's D'Shannon. used to live around here when I was little, barely remember it. There were trees," she said looking at the charred and shattered stumps. "But it looks like lumber-rats, and fire took care of those."

"Did you live around here? Do you know what happened to some of the people here?" she asked.

Eva detected the sound of internal combustion engines, most likely matches being single seat velociped, small engine lawn tractor, or personal motor-bike. Logic deduced that the first two were unlikely, meaning that there were raiders coming.

The last question might have been tricky - but Eva had pondered it to length previously, and not once. The answer was 'yes, I am' - she had to maintain homeostasis, responded to stimuli, was partially biological, even could grow to a certain degree, comparable to that of an average adult, and with a workshop, spare parts and sufficient time, she might be able to reproduce.

"Eva is my name, and yes, I did - this was my boss' house - which leads me to the fact that we should visit the cellar, and hide; unless you wish to have our lives cut short. Several bikes are coming in fast, and rarely are they without a rider; biker gangs were never good news, and now even less so. Follow me."

She took D'Shannon's hand, and led her to the hidden stairs to the cellars; [Engineer] used to store supplies there and prepare it for hiding, in case [They] would come after him.

She concealed the door again, and felt up the flashlight in its docking station. There was a distinct possibility its accumulator would not be entirely empty.

"Now we can talk - but in a whisper."

With one ear to the door, Eva explained:
"Arlene Arbuckle moved to the arcology after a prospect of marriage, Cale Bellefleur and Katrina Bellefleur went to California; Reverend Derier sought to organize the Heights on Hallow's Hill into a fortified armed community - from what I know, he failed; Erica Esper I chased away... silent now, here they come."

The motorcyclists indeed turned out to be raiders, they stopped not far from [engineer]'s house. There was some shouting of orders, and the sound of things being broken, likely one of the battered fences was being torn down for campfire fuel. After a few minutes, Eva was able to determine that there were three such raiders.

"Alright, we got a few hours to kill," [leader] said. "We can scavenge this s**thole, see if there is anything left in this place. I got a pack of smokes for either of you if you find some whiskey or skin mags." The others went out of her hearing range, but were undoubtedly going through the shells of the houses, looking for anything of value or interest.

"So," D'Shannon said in a whisper, "Do you have anything to eat?"


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