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I would like 3-5 players for a post-apocalyptic game.

Setting is following the Resource Wars, petroleum is gone. The wealthy live in massive arcologies, walled off from the rest of the world and protected by soldiers and advanced weaponry. The light of civilization hasnt gone out, its just been reduced. Vast swaths of the world have been reduced to technobarbarism. Ethanol is the coin of the realm, with raiders, tribals, and would be settler/farmers fighting each other over resources.

Water, food, technology, ammunition, and finished goods are all valuable. Raiders kill, rape and steal. Settlers are trying to restart civilization in the shadows of the arcologies. The arcology dwellers live in a very similar to now lifestyle, with television and shopping, but inside the guilded cage of fortress buildings.

The Arcos arent completely closed. Too much of the same thing is bad for the herd, so there are some people who are allowed to immigrate into the arco. Criminals (anything more than teenage type misdemeanors) are usually exiled from the Arco. Many raiders come from arco-exile gangs and such.

Hm, I think that with all the other forum games hibernating, I might fit this one in.

2 more people!!!

If you're ok with a newb, I might like to give it a go.  Haven't done any forum-based games before, but this world intrigues me.

I am willing to get started with 2 players. There is one major question: what faction would you like to play as?

Arcology Citizens
Criminal Gangers
Freeland Settlers


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