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Strolen Style Links in Forum


More or Less. Everything works the same as on the main Citadel except you have to use double brackets on the ends, wiki style.

I am doing that so they don't get linked.

This is copied and pasted from the submission page help and I simply added an extra bracket to either end.

[ [Sub Name] ] : Name must be exactly the same as title of what you are linking to.

[ [Sub Name|other text] ] : "other text" can be anything you want and is used as link.

[ [numerical ID|other text] ] : Use the submissions numerical ID.

[ [382#2083|other text] ] : Submission numerical ID#Comment ID. Comment links are shown on each comment.

WILL NOT WORK IN FORUM [ [#2083|text] ] : Same as above but it can ONLY be used on the same page as the comment. You could use this shorter version if you built a table of contents for ideas added to the same sub.

[ [idea#4565|other text] ] : Will create a link to the single idea using the text you provide. Must type "idea#" then idea ID.

[ [freetext|Actual word] ] : "freetext" must be put in exactly as shown. Actual Word must be exactly the same as freetext of what you are linking to.[/size][/font]

This is working again!


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