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No Favorite option?

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I am a new user who asked on chat if there was a favorite function for this site and after some chatting it seems like im missing something.

according to the user I spoke with there should be a add to favorites option i seem to be missing.

any help?

Michael Jotne Slayer:
As mentioned in the shoutbox the option of favorites is not available before level two. Do not worry however: Stick around, create a few submissions on the mainpage and you will be there in no time :up:

Ancient Gamer:
Favorites should be available on level 1.

MJS is right, you got to be level 2, but IMHO that is just stupid.

Shut up meany, you are stupid, upside-down head! :P

We did it, basically, so we don't get a lot of new users going favorite crazy and then disappearing forever.  Because they are used to link subs together I felt they needed at least a little bit of seriousness to them so they are valuable to others as well.

Michael Jotne Slayer:
I think it makes perfect sense. I think it is nice that the levels unlock new features like regions. It makes you feel like you have earned it, and when something is earned, people tend to handle it correctly. In my opinion.


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