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Maybe stealing is a better term, or perhaps porting them over from Battletech to CthulhuTech. I rather loathe the mecha that have rolled out of the C-Tech camp, and some of the weapon systems they use do not make sense and the designers cannot explain what some of the stuff is.

WTF is a Charge Beam? Designer linked me to a pick of a wave motion gun drawing in lines and firing. And there are plasma cannons, lasers, and lightning guns so those avenues are already covered.

There is also too much conventional projectile cannon and rifle hate in the setting.

So, take the basic mecha from 3025 Battletech (before it was corrupted by the Clan Invasion) and port them over. The Atlantic Federation likes the Lyran and Davion gear, the Europeans favor the Marik gear, and the ACPS likes Liao and Kurita gear (but swap emphasis in favor of Liao Chinese over Kurita Japanese


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