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Me is trying to think plot up for HL2 mod, me is feeling stupid, me will be posting random trains of thought.  So yeah, setting is Middle Eastern, primarily because that's what I know.

Scenes I've been thinking about
-Hospital from the remake of Manchurian Candidate
**Possible starting point, maybe PC is being experimented on in a vile Combine experiment of experimentation...
**Low walls, coast, canvas ceilings
-AlJazeera coverage of Israel/Gaza conflict, especially 2008 flareup
-AlJazeera coverage of 2008 of Lebanon civil "conflict"
**both of these would be the same general thing in game, most likely towards the end, as the PC destabilizes Combine hold over this sector, though on that note, knowing how the Arabs, the Jews, the Kurds, ect ect react to outside control over their region, be it Rome, Israel, the US, or themselves, I don't see the Combine ever having very much control to begin with.
-Burning oilfields from either Jarhead or Stoploss, don't remember which one, or maybe it was in both
-Hejaz railway

To do:
-citizen models: arabize if that's even a word, I know it is in Arabic...
-other models: trees, books, minarets
-car bombs, mortars?
-deserty textures
-watch as many movies set in Middle East as possible, ignore any possible political messages found within
**On that note, does anyone have any good movies that meet that one criteria?
-books on level/game design: read them
**As above...
-stop crying whenever you work with Hammer



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