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Super stoked, after nine some odd years looks like Scras is sitting down at the gamers table and running a face to face dice chucking campaign of mecha, cosmic horror, and sanity loss.

I like the overall game system, and the Framewerk rule set feels a lot like the WoD D10 system with a few D20 tweaks in it that i like. There are a few things I will need to change to suit my tastes.

The New Earth Government
The NEG has to go, one planet one government denies the basic appeal of people refusing to get along, and beaurocratic red tape. Instead the NEG is going to be replaced by a number of large super-nations. The Atlantic Federation runs along the basic NATO lines, and is most of the Americas and Western Europe. The Eurasian Alliance (name pending) is most of the old bloc Soviet nations. The Asiatic Co-Prosperity Sphere is most of the far east, China and SE Asia. Japan is a fence sitter, nominally belonging to both the Federation and the Co-Prosperity Sphere.

Following the First ArcanoTech War (Henceforth known as Global War I, or GWI, or the Earth-Nazzadi War) there was much loss of life and a realignment of priorities. The third world suffered massively as the First world powers drew their resources in to fight the alien Nazzadi and their Migou masters. Africa is a shadow of its former self, with most of the African nations dissolving. South Africa and Egypt remain, bastions of civilization and population on the continent.

The Co-Prosperity Sphere is largely beset by the forces of the Rapine Storm under the command of Hastur, the Ruined king of Leng. The Esoteric Order of Dagon also threatens the coastal areas and Indonesia in their search for R'lyeh. Most fighting here is with infantry, tanks, and powered armor, as aside from a few colossal horrors, most of the monsters are basically human sized. Insert atrocities and madness, and Chaos Space Marines.

The Atlantic Federation is more heavily engaged with the alien Migou, who have invaded northern Canada, Alaska, and the Antarctic continent. The Federation is also dealing with the massive Dagonite infestation of the NE states of the US, and facing Dagon incursions across the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean.

The Victory Class Battlecruiser
Deep-sixing this monster hybrid battleship/ aircraft and mecha carrier. History has proven the two species dont blend. The battleship wades into battle, while the carrier avoids it. The ship in question is forced to share space, armor and heavy guns along with large spaces for storing vehicles, launching and recovering vehicles and workshops to repair and refit said vehicles. The Japanese tried it in WWII and their hybrid ships were both destroyed handily by the US Navy.

Replace with 4 shiplines:
A Destroyer Program, a smaller fast ship with limited armor and light firepower. Intended for scouting, recon, and supporting anti-fighter and mecha operations. Destroyers can also be refit for special tasks such as missile corvette, Electronics warfar ops and so on.

A Cruiser Program: A large ship with good armor and good guns, a mix of energy weapons and rail guns, principle use is anti-ship and anti-behemoth action. A behemoth is any sort of baddie like a super giant mecha, fortress, gigantic crawling horror, etc. The Cruiser is supported in action by several destroyers.

An Escort Carrier Program: A medium to large ship that deploys fighters and mecha while avoiding combat, escorted itself by several destroyers. The escort carrier has a compliment of 24 to 48 fighters and mecha but has limited ability to repair said machines.

a Marine Assualt Craft: a small ship capable of combat deploying mecha and power armor troops into battle and supporting them with light grade naval weaponry.

There are still going to be full fledged Battleship and Carrier programs, but these ships are the minority and form the nucleus of battle fleets, while the three capital ships above will form most of the active fleets. Rather than going Anime with a few super-ships, going post WWI era for building a few battleships every few years, and having maybe half a dozen dedicated carriers.

Carriers - named after presidents of the Atlantic Federation
Battleships - named after member nations of the Federation (the AFS Spain, the AFS Great Britain, the AFS Sweden, etc)
Cruisers - named after states and provinces of member nations (The AFS Burgundy, the AFS Quebec, the AFS Wales)
Destroyers - Named after cities (The AFS New York, the AFS Berlin, the AFS Mexico City)
Assualt Ships - named like WWII bombers

Nothing good ever happens to a ship named Agememnon, likewise for warships named Enterprise.

Mecha Weaponry

The CthulhuTech mecha are pretty much only armed with lasers and 'lightning guns' and the ocassional rocket pod. Going to borrow liberally from Battletech (ignoring the BT rules mess) to bring in Autocannons. There isnt a situation that a big enough gun wont fix. Being less temperamental there are going to be plenty of base line and reservist mechs armed with autocannons. Also going to bring in a variety of gauss cannons, and smaller scale gauss rifles for anti-infantry weaponry. Lightning guns are out, particle cannons are in, also inserting variety if sizes and calibres.

Don't forget flamers. Twin-linked plasma accelerators. Hellfire missile launchers. Multi-meltas.

Warhammer 40K is a good point of reference, but a little smaller and less crapsack in scale.

There is a lot of shadow warfare going on in CthulhuTech and it deserves some interest.

It is pretty much boiled down into Cults vs. the Evil Corporation vs. the Esoteric Society vs. Global intelligence


The New Factions:
Assorted Cults associated with Hastur and the Rapine Storm
Assorted Cults associated with Cthulhu and the Esoteric Order of Dagon
Assorted minor Cults

Atlantic Federation Intelligence Bureau
European Union/Interpol type organization
Assorted ACPS (Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere) government organizations

Chrysalis Corporation
Aegis Group (Umbrella Corp)
Assorted other megacorporations, plan to raid ShadowRun for stuff like AzTechnologies and such

Esoteric Society is concentrated mostly in Europe and North America.
Neo-Inquisition type Catholic faction, or militant order
Lin Keui (ninjas from Mortal Kombat, use parapsychic rules for non-martial arts moves)
White Lotus Society
Tekunnin (japanese cyber ninjas)
Something like Section 6 from Alias for a covert intel operation


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