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Well met to those who have found their way to the Citadel before me.

Please lend me a few short moments of you time to introduce myself.

Me that is Ylorea, travler of the face of Teolin, have found a great deal of information on this brand new world and now am eager to learn more of this intresting place.
I have already found that some of the dangers we encountered are not exclusive to Teolin, so this place may enlighten us to the dangers we have seen before.

In RL I live in a small place in the netherlands, where we regularly meet to encounter the joys of roleplaying.

Yours sincerly,


Welcome, Ylorea, to our little corner of the realms. We are very honored at your presence and I heartily welcome you to the Citadel.

I have seen this Teolin and enjoyed the land very much. Many an hour of love has been spent on its upkeep and resources and it shows. I must continue and repeat my journey at lengthe in the near future.

We welcome you to take momentary respite from your homeland and are grateful of your presence.

Make yourself at home, 'ware the flying barrels and don't refuse the penguin.

A woman walks up to you and bows, "Welcome. I really need to get out more, I suppose. I havn't been to Teolin yet.
"and to add on to the flying barrels and penguins. That is something to keep about. The Captian does offer som delicious Grog that can't be refused..."
Walks of in search of the Captain for some of that Grog.


A penguin, standing four feet tall and wearing a ridiculous pirate outfit, complete with massive feather plume in it's hat, pink-lensed goggles, and a toy wooden sword, crashes through the roof, riding a giant sloshing barrel. The penguin tosses a frosty mug of salty, green, foamy grog at you.

"I be Captain Penguin! Welcome teh' th'Citadel!" he shouts.


A young mage walks up and extends her hand. "Greetings, friend. I am Siren. Welcome to the Citadel. Can't say that I've ever been to Teolin, but who knows where the wind will lead me? Ah well, enjoy your stay."


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