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Email entries now to johnn@roleplayingtips.com

A Brief Word From Johnn

 New Contest to Celebrate 500 Issues

 I received many emails for ideas on how to celebrate 500
 issues. Thanks very much. A few I've noted and will tackle
 in the future.

 We seem to be on a roll with contests lately. I just
 received the first round of edits for the pick pockets
 contents contest (thanks David!) and I'm still chugging away
 on editing the combat hazards entries (thanks to Rick for
 editing some!).

 One of the suggestions was from Daniel at www.steamcrow.com
 who said we should do 500 of something, such as 500 random
 city encounters. That's pretty ambitious, but it sounds like
 a great idea. Let's do it.

 I've got some prizes lined up, as well, to further celebrate.

 How We'll Get to 500

 Send in city encounters 1-3 sentences long. Any genre is
 welcome, no game rules required. Each encounter should
 contain some conflict to make it interesting to play.

 For example:

 * A poisonous animal has slipped into a potter's store and
 the owner hires the PCs to kill or capture it without
 breaking any of his wares that line walls and shelves.

 * A shadow demon is summoned to assassinate a bard during a
 performance. The bard sings of the mistakes, ineptness and
 evil deeds of the PCs. Do they intervene when the attack

 * A nervous merchant hires the PCs to escort him and a
 wagon load of goods to the port where his customer waits.
 Thieves wait until mid-way through the exchange to take
 advantage of the chaos of port crowds and potential argument
 of whose gold was just stolen - did the exchange take place
 before the attack or not?


 The theme for prizes this time is "take your pick."

 NBOS software. Winners pick which product they receive.

 Kobold Guide to Game Design. Winners decide if they want
 volume 1, 2, or the just released volume 3. (PDF)

 GM Mastery books. Take your pick of Inn Essentials, Holiday
 Essentials or NPC Essentials. (PDF)

 Contest closes July 20. Multiple entries give you more
 chances to be randomly drawn for a prize. Plus, if 100 RPT
 fans submit just 5 entries each, 500 entries should be a
 snap! Let's try to hit 500 random city encounters to
 celebrate RPT #500.

 Email entries now to johnn@roleplayingtips.com

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