Author Topic: Septimus is now free (for now)  (Read 1677 times)

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Septimus is now free (for now)
« on: July 08, 2010, 06:24:11 PM »
Just a heads up to anyone interested in this last [??] RPG from WestEndGames...
...It is now available to download for FREE from rpgnow, as a watermarked PDF.


A little about the game...
"Bill Coffin's Septimus sets the players inside a Dyson Sphere made from an unknown and unknowable alien technology. Faction pitted against faction to control the sphere and the amazing technology therein -- a technology so great that no weakness cannot be eliminated and even death is not final. But, even as the obsessed techno-cult, the Sindivar Extant seeks to build a Utopia around Septimus' many nanofoundries, a dark secret spreads. The same technology that is a boon to so many billions of people contains a flaw, a flaw that may have spelled doom to the great originators, a flaw that threatens to crush Septimus and its inhabitants, even before the greatest of secrets yet remains undiscovered"
Now sure why it's available for FREE, but it looks good - even if you don't like the d6 system it's based on and you just want it for ideas and setting.

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