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Just taking a survey.

What screen resolution do you use on you most used computer?

Depending on your answer. What screen resolution, if a choice HAD to be made, would you suggest designing a website at?

Basically trying to find out how many 8x6 there are still out there and how big a factor they are on this site in particular.

I'm usually on an 800x600, and it doesn't take too kindly to being set at higher resolutions :(


Ahem. Well, I'm in (or rather was in) college for web design, and recalling back the information from my Design Theory class, we were told to always design for the lowest screen resolution possible. That way, it doesn't look bad on low resolution screens and it looks okay on high resolution screens.

However, whenever I design a website, I always design it for 800x600. So I'm constantly switching between screen resolutions.

Hope that was helpful.

I use the biggest resolution possible for my computer. Then again, I have a 21 inch monitor, so I think I would fall in as a silly expetion to the rule.

Siren's post is a great one. Keep that advise in mind at all times. I've seen pleanty of people designing their sites on high-end computers with fast processors, and when they go back to the dorm room with their 350 mhz computer and log on, the site takes forever to load. Not everyone has updated technology. Keep the site simple and clean so it's accesible to everyone.

I do keep that advise, that is why I am was just wondering. My optimum webpage would be 50k with no bells and whistles, I tried to stay as near as I could to that on the main pages, but the forums just explode because of the nature of them.

Funny how clockspeed now affects web pages. Used to be just your bandwidth, but now with all the extra crap, sites can turn into downright dogs sometimes.

I do test everything in 8x6. I never use it and I still assume that this site scales to fit (right?  :wink: )  but I know there are people that still use it. Just like Internet Explorer. I almost never check my site with it (it works in IE right?  :wink: ) but people use it so I have to make sure it works at least once on my end. Since it is only about 95% IE (mooooo, members of the herd) I am not too worried if it is not compatible.

Just wondering. The Citadel isn't changing, more of a curiosity question then anything else.


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