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What is your next gaming purchase?

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OVA: The Anime Role-Playing Game


In many ways, Kickstarters can be Pre-Orders.

An anime roleplaying game without rules? So basicly a bunch of Mary Sue's and Stu's then... Though I know someone who would appriciate it.

Uhm, I'll probably treat myself to another Terraclips box, sooner or later. http://www.worldworksgames.com/store/index.php?view=catalog&system_id=2

Good value, especially the Buildings of Malifaux set. Just make sure that you buy the connectors, which stupidly enough aren't included. I had to wait like 2 months before I got mine. As a general rule of thumb, two boxes is minimum. I built one structure and 80 clips(of a bent variety) almost weren't enough. One box of connectors contain 3 types x40 connectors(120 total).

The actual cardboard models are decently sturdy, nicely painted, and above all, they didn't skimp out on content(except for the seperately sold connectors).

I have gotten a little crazy at rpgnow. So PDFs for me.

Monsters and Other Childish things.
Spellbound Kingdoms
Adventures in Oz  Ebook and print
Pendragon   (Got the new edition)
Honor and Intrigue
Mecha vs Kaiju Setting (finally got it... wanted it a while)

Oh and Fate Core

My Next Paper purchase will be New Fire

Checking out Fate now. Can't believe I never came across that before.

Also eagerly awaiting my physical copy of Numenera.


--- Quote from: MysticMoon on August 14, 2013, 11:45:47 AM ---Checking out Fate now. Can't believe I never came across that before.
--- End quote ---

I am going to send you a shovel UPS so you can dig your way out from under that rock.  FATE in its dozen or so incarnations at this point have really pushed the boundries of RPGs and Story Games.  Since Spirit of the Century found a way to simplify Fudge Character creation  AND add crunch, Fate has come a long way.  (To be honest, I really liked Fudge, but once you added Aspects and Fate points, Fate became a very different game

Fate Core.  Get it.  Don't ask why.  Just get it. Read it.  See where a lot of games are going.

Starblazer Adventures Sci-Fi Fate (Love it for the mapping a campaign system).  Strangely enough, one of my favorite versions of Fate for reasons I can't really explain. 

Dresden Files (The RPG for the setting.  Two massive books that details the entire setting background, how to organically build your own from that setting foundation, and every possible power you can go with.   Yes, it is two books and really large.

ATOMIC ROBO.  Buy this.  Buy the comics first, then you will love the Adventure Scientist game. 

Legends of Anglerre:  Fantasy Fate - Includes a lovely organization management systems.  Not my favorite version, but notable.

If you are more of a "conventional gamer" or "Old School Gamer", then Strands of Fate is probably the best one to get. 

If you don't have Spirit of the Century, you are missing out on a treat. 

Icons is technically fate, but not as much as other games. 


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