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Author Topic: Pariah's to do list  (Read 827 times)

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Pariah's to do list
« on: March 24, 2010, 09:42:48 PM »
-Pseudo-science-y explanation for ansible
--tachyon See tachyon telephone... :(
--Orakio particle
(21:09:52)  Siren_no_Orakio: What I did was postulate a particle
(21:10:16) Siren_no_Orakio: That is faster than light along one axis of its wave form, and slower than light along the other axis
(21:10:36) Siren_no_Orakio: This is effectively infinite velocity, while retaining causality
(21:11:01) Pariah: the Orakio particle?
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(21:31:02) Murometz: Orakio particle, wow
(21:31:24) Pariah: hey, it's gotta have a name...
(21:31:25) Murometz: thats a good name for a sci-fi novel, The Orakio Particle
---Some way to intercept aforementioned communications
-Figure out what nonsense Dujek has been up to, and what other body parts he's broken...
(21:47:59) Pariah: any ideas what sort of tomfoolery dujek could have gotten himself in since he left the party?
(21:48:31) Murometz: oh yes
(21:48:41) Murometz: :P of course i do
(21:48:51) Murometz: he's not far in fact from where they are
(21:48:56) Murometz: as we type
(21:48:57) Pariah: lol
(21:49:15) Pariah: villagers with torches and animated body part galore?
(21:49:41) Murometz: though he cant exactly move around at the moment
(21:49:50) Murometz: yes, bit of that
(21:49:58) Murometz: he's strung up
(21:50:18) Pariah: presumably not by his neck...
(21:50:22) Murometz: i've been keeping an eye on his travels you see...
(21:50:31) Murometz: not by his neck exactly...no
(21:50:37) Pariah: good, because I haven't
(21:50:53) Pariah: learning to speak a second language puts a lot of things on the back burner
(21:50:57) Pariah: like your sanity
(21:50:59) Pariah: and rpgs
(21:51:23) Murometz: hows he arabic coming?
(21:51:28) Murometz: the arabic
(21:51:59) Pariah: good
(21:52:30) Pariah: I finished class and they stationed me back on the east coast
(21:52:45) Pariah: though not far from where I started...
(21:52:57) Murometz: ومستحضر الأرواح هي في حالة يرثى لها
(21:53:04) Murometz: where at?
(21:53:20) Pariah: augusta ga
(21:53:40) Murometz: nice and hot
(21:54:15) Pariah: yup, just like I hate
(21:54:16) ChatBot: Murometz logs out of the Chat.
(21:54:30) ChatBot: Murometz logs into the Chat.
(21:54:32) Murometz: lol
(21:54:36) Pariah: gremils...
(21:54:41) Murometz: can you translate above?
(21:55:01) Pariah: I had to use google for a couple words
(21:55:10) Pariah: ie deplorable and necromancer...
(21:55:26) Pariah: not words you see very often in the news
(21:56:16) Murometz: the necromancr is in dire straits
-history of human expansion in space
--star map?
--early New World colonization
---up to and including revolutionary war
-blockading a star system
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