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Riv Scarlette - Firestartah

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Riv Scarlette - Firestartah
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Riv Scarlette

Male Civilized Soldier

STRength   14
CONstitution   14
SIZe   12
DEXterity   15
APPearance   11
INTelligence   12
POWer   8
EDUcation   16
SANity   40
IDEA   60
LUCK   40
KNOW   80


Professional 320 points
Shotgun 30 + 60 + [1 Perk] +5   = 96
Submachinegun 91 / 2 = 46 (+ 30 Green Laser Sight) = 76
Spear 20+ 60   = 80
First Aid 30+30= 60   
Ride 5+40+20(bg)= 65
Conceal 15+20= 35   
Hide 10+40+10=   50
Dodge 30+50+5=   85
Listen 25+20   45
Drive ? + 5 = 5+6+5 = 11
5+3 assault rifle

Hobby 100 points
20 to Ride
Chemistry 0+30 =30
Punch 50 + 10 = 60
Knife 20+20 = 40
Mechanical Repair 20+20 +5= 45


    +20 Infamous Reputation in Neon (+20 on fear based communication)
    +1% shotgun

Champion Perks:

    Bullet Dancer (costs 5 points):
    Riv gains extraordinary prowess, allowing him to know where opponents are gonna shoot. Thus he may actually dodge bullets. This is not Matrix-style bullet dodging, rather he sees where the opponent aims and he knows which trajectory the bullet(s) will have. His wit and reflexes will then aid him in survival.

    This skill acts as a trump card against the GM declaring that you are dead; "He aims, shoots aaaand... hot d**n, you are dead".

    As long as you can see the shooter (if it is not immediately clear that you see him, make a spot hidden check), you can attempt to dodge his bullets.


    Duck & Cover (costs 5 points):
    Riv has uncanny reflexes and will immediately find any crook and cranny to hind in when there is an explosive blast nearby. Nukes and nades have never been easier to survive! (Halves damage on failed dodging, negates any damage on a successful evade)

Riv appears as a compact, well muscled man. His has close cropped sandy blond hair and no beard or mustache.  His eyes are a vague grey-blue. He is reasonably good looking and would be more so, if it were not for the scars on his face and hands.  Severe burns, long healed, have left their mark.

On horseback, he wears a long, garish robe, an odd metal helmet, and a heavy metal breastplate.  A shotgun hangs near his hand.


His people had thought themselves lucky at first.  Went It came, they were out in the desert, enjoying their festival. The commune of hippies, silicon-valley type nerds, and others were aware of the tense world politics, but this place was where they could forget, at least for a while.  Here they were free.

No one bombed deserts without value, and this is what allowed them to survive the Armageddon.  When it came, all of their wireless trinkets failed, and the EMP detonations ruined much of what was left.  They were alive, but in a bleak desert.  At first their society was organized and hopeful – they would rebuild and the world would be better this time.

This sentiment lasted a scant few years as the horrid reality settled in. With too many people for too little resources, murder and later cannibalism shattered their innocent dream.  Those that survived eventually established a small, but thriving community, a far cry from their hopes, but better then most.  The quality of their genes – intelligence and artistry, served the survivors well.

Riv did not know this, however, his people lived for the day and kept few memories beyond a generation.  But he carried forth one artifact of his origins- the reverence for the Burning Man.


Assault Rifle - make unknown. 2 Clips, 5 Rifle Grenades
Submachinegun - make unknown, 2 Clips

Pump Action Shotgun, spas-12
12 buckshot ammunition +25% to hit
   short range(10 mts/30 feet): 4D6 damage
   medium range(25 mts/60 feet): 2D6
   long range(50 mts/120 feet): 1D6 damage
10 slug ammunition +0% to hit
   4D6 damage short, medium and long range.
2 birdshot ammunition
18 x .22 caliber ammunition
11 x .38 caliber regular ammo
12 clay pigeons
Infanterie-Panzer (Heavy plate armor for torso and groin)
Butcher's knife

Skien of nylon rope (50')
Backup Flint and Steel
Leather belt.
Tie-dyed arab-type robe (I know there is a word for it)
Dark cloak (to wear over garish robe, and double as bedroll)
Hunting Knife
Folding bayonet attached to shotgum.
Tight leather cap
Magnifying glass
2 flasks of Oil
wide brimmed metal helmet (similar to english WW1 helmet), mainly for cooking, actually.
Brown webbing pouch
Left leather combat glove (+2 fist damage)
PDA with 250 GB porn, multimedia capabilities, word processor and wireless network card.
Green laser weapon sight (can be mounted on a gun, but you don't have one. The green laser increases hit probability with +50% at short and middle range, but also alerts the enemy to your presence).

saddle, bit & bridle.

Edit: Added Murderer Perk (AG)
Edit: Removed the horse, Blaze (AG)
Edit: Added 2 birdshot and removed 1 buckshot(AG)
Edit: Removed 3 Buckshot (V)
Edit: Added PDA and some of the loot from Cancer (AG)
Edit: Added the ammo from Dog in Neon
Edit: Added skill points. Need ammo used from AG...(V)
Edit: Removed ammo as per comment above (AG)
Edit: Cosmetic changes (AG)
Edit: Added Green Laser Sight from Doctor Brevil Cornell(AG)
Edit: Added weapons(smg, assult rifle) acquired at end of last chapter.(V)
Edit: Assigned 15 skill points to drive and hide.(V)
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