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Curie LaForge, aka Experiment 13

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Curie LaForge, aka Experiment 13
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Curie LaForge aka "Experiment 13"

Concept: Escaped alien-human hybrid

Strength           8 (+5)
Constitution   10 (+7)
Size                12 (+2)
Dexterity        20 (+10)
Appearance      9 (+8)
Intelligence    24 (+11)
Power            20 (+12)
Education (fixed amount)   16   16

Professional skills
*Biology            02+50
*Chemistry       02+40
*Craft               05+40
*Alien Studies   02+15
*Electr. Repair  20+40
*Mech. Repair   40+15
*Library Use     50+15
*Physics           02+50
*Computer       20+45
*Medicine         10+10
*Language       05+20 (Alien, Low Ghorkal)
Sum:                     345 (320 + 25 unused hobby points)

*Drive           20+30
*Hide            05+20
*Sneak         05+20
*History       40+25
*Persuade   15+45
*Pilot            01+33
*Rifle            13+27
Sum:                 200 (40 left)

Wireless Probe: 25+15

2 Special abilities
Special ability 1: 13 is alert, and gains +10 on any check that would result in being surprised in any manner. (also when sleeping).
Special ability 2: Hidden companion - When 13 escaped, the doctors had surgically implanted a computing device into the experiment's brain. As the AI would later tell 13, it was the first step in the creation of an indoctrination device that would give The Last Gambit hypnotical control over the hybrid. Luckily 13 escaped before that, and the AI decided it would tag along and now resides in 13's data chip. When guided by her, 13 gains +40 to all wireless activity.

2x Special Equipment:
Special Equipment 1: Black, oily, rubbery alien cloak that seems almost wet to the touch; of alien origin.
Once a day: Invisibility for 30 seconds (13 needs only think of it, and she is invisible)
Always: +20 hide (passive ability - the cloak has chameleon powers, its color patterns changing when it senses that the user tries to be stealthy)
Always: +2 Armor Points on all covered areas
The cloak only works for aliens (and 13).

Special Equipment 2: Multifaceted eyes, iridescent black depths that reflect light in a strange fashion. That is the first impression one gets when faced with the Alien Spider Mask (will Kirsten Dunst take it half off and smooch 13?)
- Night Vision
- Cannot be flashbanged or otherwise blinded, unless the blinding destroys the mask.
- Can breathe underwater, but not under zero oxygen conditions. Needs carbon, oxygen and hydrogen, and the mask will break down atoms and recreate it as alien breathable gas.
- The gaseous oxygen methane mixture within the mask makes 13 breathe more effectively, effectively doubling  stamina in relation to strenous activities such as running and swimming.

Mundane Equipment:
Survival gear:
*Water purifier canteen
*Vitamin supplements
*Protein concentrate
*Geiger counter
*Compass (dunno if GPS is possible) (although, I could actually detect magnetic fields much like migratory birds... dude)
*Sturdy knife, swiss army knife
*Small camo tent for 1 person
*Sleeping bag
*20 ft of lightweight rope
*First-aid kit, with whatever a random Gambit first aid kit holds

*1 backpack
*Jump suit, sturdy boots, scarf. Bath robe. Fluffy slippers.
*Watches (~10)
*Duct tape, glue
*Small tool kit
*Toothbrush, floss, paste, soap, perfume (13 had some weird ideas of wasteland hygiene before the escape)
*Rubber duck
*Microscope (lots of things are easily improvisable, but precision optics? Nope. At least according to Curie.)

*Hunting rifle, adapted for 13's hands. 40 rounds.

The visuals:
In appearance, Experiment 13 is truly outlandish, no wonder given its DNA cocktail. Seven feet tall and sinewy, its limbs are overly long, with spidery digits that can be opposed in strange fashions (tipped by short claws); a long prehensile tail with a tuft of hair hints at some of its gene composition, as do the slightly murine facial features. Large ears supported by slender many-jointed appeandages protrude from its head, frotruding from within a mane of almost crystalline half-translucent hair. Around the sensitive nose, whiskers grow – yet those are rather delicate prehensile appendages, exposing fine sensory fibers to the air. Huge violet eyes complete the alien face.
13’s flesh is half-translucent, owing to the extraterrestrial part of its heritage, with specks of color floating underneath the skin much like flocks of fish at a coral reef. Outlines of organs can be seen underneath, with more detail possible when viewed against a source of light, the heart’s beat is easily visible between the opaque ribs.
Except for the mane and the tail tuft, 13 is completely smooth, with a polished feel to the skin;  the body temperature is two degrees Celsius warmer than human norm. 13’s body odor is akin to a mix of vanilla and cinnamon. 13's voice is strong and clear, filled with resonant harmonics that make it obviously inhuman, though; it has a synthetic musical quality to it.
One cybernetic implant, a data jack, is present in the occipital region of 13’s head.
For garb, 13 prefers a jump suit combined with a hooded cloak, it’s no great fan of nudity, trying to keep as much as possible covered; the alien mask helps in this.. somewhat.

The personality:
13 is a great believer in logic, and despite or exactly because of the uncouth approach of its creators, also a believer in proper conduct. 13 reveres knowledge, especially the great minds of old. It may be folly, but 13 wishes one day to see a house of learning rise from the wastes, with proper teachers and real science. And, of course, a sufficiently capable mainframe that could run Sachmeth in full glory.

As for human conduct, 13 is inexperienced, and constantly surprised at illogical and suboptimal behavior patterns. Luckily, its guardian AI instilled a lot of resolve and a passion for challenge into it. While 13 is quite adept at discussion and argumentation, there is certainly vast room for improvement in the finer nuances of interaction - for there, many situations cannot be solved with logic alone.

The history:
Vat-grown from a cocktail of human, alien and rodent DNA by the dubious Last Gambit to be able to utilize scavenged alien tech and thus further their unsavory goals, 13 was raised by an artificial intelligence named Sachmeth in the virtual town of White Harbor while physically floating in a jar.

The awakening and beginning of experimentation (with and upon 13) was far less pleasant, and soon the creation began not to fear, but to detest its captors; a carefully plan and staged accident, 13 was free, along with some stolen alien goodies and a copy of Sachmeth riding inside the head. As humans have names, and the experiment had just about enough of "13 do this, 13 do that", a name was needed: Curie La Forge it be!

Favored by fortune, Curie stumbled not on superstitious bumpkins nor ruthless raiders after the escape, but upon the PCs, who, to Curie's great delight, wished to speak first and shoot later.
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