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List of Factions: Enemies & Friends

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List of Factions: Enemies & Friends
« on: March 02, 2010, 01:20:23 PM »

Bleak Wood Storyteller

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The Pastor - Old Acquaintance of Riv
The Pastor's Posse

The Hunter - Bleak Wood Menace
Spawn of the Hunter - The Pin Heads
Pin Head Ceres - She wants her horn back

The Last Gambit - Sinister Organization

The People of Neon - Riled by the Pastor, Angry because Riv burned the town down. Excited because Kiph is arena champion. Loves Kiph.

The Nomads - Kiph is a nomad Fatebringer
The Bleak Wood G'Kraun - When led by the Prophet

Fatebringer Master Abak Loett - If alive
The Master's Concubines - If alive
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Badblood Kiph - Assassin
Curie Laforge - Experiment 13
Riv Scarlette - Firestarter
Wesknife - "The Chameleon"