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Codename Wesknife

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Codename Wesknife
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Codename: Wesknife known by his peers as "The Chameleon"
    Brian "Friar" Mason,
    Red Eyes,
    Dr Bruce Flinton,
    Snake Eyes,
    Fergus Carnegie,
    Richard Blakeley,
    Caporal Francis Chevalier,
    Prof. Alistair White,
    Commander Frank Wilkins,
    Tim Robbins-Catterick,
    Galen Catterick,
    Fritz Roemacher,

Appearance: While taller, paler, and thinner than an average earthsider, his appearance is not noticeable. When not "in character", he is not worth a second look, and your memory will not register his features unless you purposefully try to. He'll usually be dressed in the same way as the local, and has a knack for absorbing the color and passing himself of as part of the scenary. Your memory will rather register "Male, Human, Local", and move on.

Culture: Spacer
Profession: HUMINT Specialist

Background: (This information will not be known to the party members.)
Spacer Coalition Defense Force (SCDF) Special Operative from USOS41. Specialise in deceit, manipulation, persuasion and social engineering. He's one smooth operator who could sell you your own mother in exchange for your own eyeballs, convince you it's a good deal with deceit approaching brainwashing/hypnosis, and leave you feeling like you'd robbed him. He's also an expert in changing his appearance, disguise, and generally staying under radar. He's done his training in covert assassination, but that really isn't his strong point. He's physically week from having lived in reduced gravity most of his life, even with all the booster drugs that he took to allow him to operate on earth.

He was inserted into Rouge City at night by parachute. While this is not his first mission earthside, he is still not fully adapted to the gravity and atmosphere, so there are special measures he has to take.

He's an expert in impersonation, and has a number of fake identities and legends that he uses. He specialises in murdering a target and then replacing them. On one of his most successful jobs, he was able to literally step into a person's life seamlessly, so that even their spouse didn't notice the change. Within the SCDF, he's known as "The Chameleon".

Special Abilities
You don't play a player
Can use own deceit, persuade, charm or disguise to counter/resist deceit, persuade, charm or disguise attempts.

Under your skin
Every hour spent studying someone will dramatically improve impersonating attempts. +5 per hours spent studying the person. After twenty hours, Impersonation attempts are rolled against 100. Hours do not need to be continuous.

Special Equipment
Portable undercover tactical console
This small containers is divided into three parts. The first includes several identical hard contact lenses, the second several identical discreet earbuds, and the third several attachable throat microphones, which can be placed, plaster-style, across the larynx.

With this system in place, live tactical information can be displayed in 3D to the user. The contact lenses are smart enough to be able to figure out in which eye they were placed. The entire system can be used sureptitiously without arousing suspicion, even under close scrutiny. The components are redundant enough that the entire rig can be used with a throat mike and either a single contact lens, or a single earbud.

While the tactical information provided is greatly valuable, this rig shines when it comes to communication, and is capable of high speed access to the spacer intelligence network, the spacer earth observation data, and to Wesknife's controller. The entire rig can be folded and stored in a smooth cylindrical container that is usually found around the neck of the operative on a lanyard. In most situations, he will wear a tactical contact lens in the left eye, while wearing a disguise lens in the right to allow him to pass iris scans.

Needle gun
This small, palmable gun is designed for covert assasination at short range. It is fired by squeezing the holding hand into a fist. the barrel protrudes unobstrusively between the middle finger and ring finger, and unless specifically looked for, the holder simply seems to have a lighlty clenched fist.
The gun fires very thin, 1cm long metallic needles. They feel like a strong bee sting, but have been dipped in a fast acting neurotoxin. While the sting of the needle itself is hardly remarkable, death is almost assured within 72h. The gun comes with enough microdarts and poison for ~20 assassinations. The needles/poison can be replaced using conventional steel and any poison suitable for the task.

Dark Side:
Unaccustomed to earth gravity level. Although he has spent an hour daily in the skeletal structure reinforcing centrifugal machines of the space station gym, constant 24/7 earth gravity is difficult for him. This means that he will sometimes try to jump for objects that are too far away to reach by any humans on earth, and that he sweats profusely when engaged in strenous activity. It is not that he is not strong, he just isn't used to dragging around such a heavy bulk for such a long time. Even sleeping is a chore.

Must keep taking a regular drug cocktail to survive successfully earthside. Having been raised in an almost sterile environment, his immune system is weak, and must be sustained. Similarly, muscle boosters and light stimulants are neccessary for him to keep up appearances while on earth. This could easily blow his cover, so he keeps it an absolute secret.


Strength        03 (+03) =  6
Constitution    03 (+10) = 13
Size            08 (+01) =  9
Dexterity       03 (+05) =  9
Appearance      03 (+15) = 18
Intelligence    08 (+10) = 18
Power           03 (+10) = 13
Education:      16

Derived Characteristics

Sanity (Power x 5)              = 65
Idea (Intelligence x 5)         = 90
Luck (Power x 5)                = 65
Know (Education x 5)            = 80
HP (Constitution + Size) / 2    = 11
Magic (Power x 1)               = 13
Damage Bonus (Strength + Size)  = 16

Skills (Professional 320, Hobby 180)


Forgery         00  (+35) =  35
Computer use    10  (+30) =  40
Pistol          20  (+10) =  30
Electronic Sec  10  (+43) =  53
Deceit          00  (+80) =  80
Persuasion      15  (+85) = 100
Charm           00  (+75) =  75
Disguise        00  (+30) =  30
             TOTAL = 388


Dodge           18  (+32) =  50
Punch           50  (+15) =  65
Grapple         50  (+15) =  65
Kick            25  (+00) =  25
Krav Maga       00  (+50) =  50
             TOTAL = 112

- M11 Pistol and two 18 rounds magazines.
- Survival kit
- PDA/GPS with fingerprint recognition and several password levels. Some passwords will send an emergency signal to the SCDF (Space Coalition defense force), some passwords will erase all data, while some passwords will simply hide the data and boot a dummy operating system to fool security checks. The PDA includes the mission packages.
- Comprehensive Makeup kit for disguise
- multiple IDs and credit sticks (lighter length sticks with iris scanning ability that holds ID papers, criminal records, Gambit credits, personal files, and so on. It is what you use for EVERYTHING here in Rouge Tower. You have lenses that match the iris patterns)
- Combat knife
- poison. Dangerous if injested, harmless otherwise.
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