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Enabled Upload of Graphics
« on: June 05, 2010, 12:59:56 PM »
Changed WYSIWYG editors in the main submission page and also added the formatting options to Submission Ideas per request.

The image upload is awesome, if you want to embed a <600px wide image directly in the sub. Upload and there it is. However, if you want a larger image linked to a thumbnail, that is problematic. Instructions on how to use a thumbnail on on the submission page.

So here are the current options.
As is, max picture size is 600px wide. You can upload any size, it will just be resized to that. Anything bigger and it starts overlapping in an ugly way.

I up the max picture size to MAMMOTH and "hope" that people go through the pain to make a linkable thumbnail. This may require the heavy hand of the moderators to fix images for those that don't get it working correctly.
(1) browse and select main image
(2) copy & paste that url into the "link" tab and set Target as "New Window"
(3) browse and right-click main image and select thumbnail

Either way, images are now available to upload pretty easily finally. Just don't want monster 1200px wide images floating all over the submissions, know-what-i-mean?

My test file: http://strolen.com/viewing/6068

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