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Manfred's Random Generators Are Back!!


After a long sit in the Citadel waiting room, Manfred's random generators are once again publicly viewable from the main pages!

You can get to them from the "Library" drop down and are labeled, amazingly enough, "Random Generators."

You can go straight there by following this link:
Choose your randomness.

The Public Servant Generator
- so you know what kind of public servant you will meet behind the counter.
Character Background Generator
- where is the character from?
Fight Scene Locations/Situations
- the places where action especially shines!
Horses Of All Kinds And Colours
- add some details to your companion.
Item Background Generator
- where is that dingus from?
NPC Characteristics Generator
- the little details that make a person memorable.
Personal Look Generator
- for any person out there.
What has it got in its pocketses?
- Distracting objects that can be found in other people's pockets.
A simple die roller
- a simple affair for the odd need to roll a dice.
Skill Generator
- a few large lists with potential, for inspiring NPCs and more.
Terrain Features Generator
- interesting natural and unnatural locations.
Effects of the Wacky Sort
- the random something that happens when magic gets moody.

On the development page can be found other generators, and lightweight versions of these for download. A thread for your suggestions and ideas also exists, so feel free to use it or PM me if you need something in this regard.

YAY! Generated awesomeness!

Gave them a little bit of love and updated their prettiness a little bit.

Yay prettiness!

Probably shouldn't mention that there is an undocumented feature in the Dice Roller skript now, but, you know...

A pictures is worth a thousand pips.


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