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Hullo.....I am new to this site and just want to know what to do. I mean I THINK this is a RP site and I would like to know which boards to role-play on.

A penguin, standing four feet tall, waddles up to you. He wears a ridiculous pirate costume, complete with giant-plumed hat, rose-tinted goggles, and an eyepatch. A wooden toy sword is thrust through his belt.

"D'arr! I be Cap'n Penguin! Welcome t'yeh'!" he says, slinging you a frosty mug of salty, foamy, green grog.

"Yeh' be right in thinkin' this be a roleplaying site, but it t'ain't no science fiction, 'cept where it is science fiction! Have a grand ould' time!"

*A tall elf with a longbow over one shoulder apraoches. He glares at the penguin for a second or two.*

"forgive our flightless riend here, he is a touch off in the head. Too much grog I expect. I am Sniperspy, you are correct and this is a roleplaying site. Go to Freeform-Roleplaying for more info. on that topic!"

*a medium sized samurai who seems about the age of 19 steps from a shadow the swords at his belt reflect the dim light all around* "welcome"

Welcome Nashira.

Definately the Freeform board if you are here to join/start a game.

This thread and sometimes the Citadel Tavern, well lets just say randomness is king for good or bad depending on your mood so if you read through them I can understand your confusion. :hyper:

Thanks for joining and happy posting!


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