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It was a sight to behold, if you ask any mortal standing inside the tavern that Pacificat Varsian Romain was about to enter.  

The cloak that wears him entered the room a moment before the Dark Lord entered.  The black material was so deep it held the attention of the eye.  As his foot hits the tavern floor he scans the room for other Humans, then for the rest of the lesser life forms.

He approaches the bar, places two coins side by side in front of the bar tender and points very tenderly to the bottle of Iron Gut which was seemingly waiting on him.  After a quick nod of acknowledgement the dumb founded bar tender served his drink.

Another coin slides across the table, another nod takes place between the two.  The newcomer to the tavern had now made his appearance known, especially standing over seven feet tall.  Little did he know what would happen next, but he's sure that he would need at least one more Iron Gut...


A shout comes from outside the Citadel Tavern and a penguin, curiously and ridiculously dressed in an insane pirate costume complete with hat-and-giant-feathery-plume, rose-tinted goggles, and an eyepatch. A wooden toy sword is thrust through his sash.

He leaps across the room and lands on top of the bar, slinging a frosty mug of salty, green, foamy grog at the dark stranger.

"Yarr, matey! I be Cap'n Penguin! Welcome ter' th'Citadel! Citadel of Strolen! Strolen's Citadel! Casa de Strolen! Castille de Strolen! Strolen's Hood! Strolen's...Uh...Er...Well, I can't think of anymore names, but that's not the point! D'arr!"

A hint of a smile crossed the black clad traveller's face.  He noticed the penguin as he entered the door, but what would come next was almost near insanity.  The penguin hopped on the bar, a mug of some disgusting ale graced his hand.  "Y'arr Matey!" the Penguin shouts, apparently his crude form of introduction.  

That was of no matter to the traveller who watched the brief show as he sipped his Iron Gut.  "Greetings, Captain."

The words seemed to echo through the penguin's head.  With pleasantries out of the way, Romain motioned to his acquantance to  join him for a sit.

A tall, deadly lloking elf with a large longbow strung across his shoulder, and a small sling on his right hip, approaches the stranger.
"Don't mind the Captain, he'll calm down once he gets to know you."
*Leaning closer he whispers in the mans ear*
"A word of advice, take the grog offered by our penguin friend!"

"What does lloking mean?"


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