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New Decade or Not?

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It was somewhat of a troll. Just curious as I did all the research to understand what people were talking about because I was curious. I think it is just people wanting to feel smart but, really, who wants to really celebrate 2011 as a new decade when 2010 looks so pretty?

Ancient Gamer:
Following that logic we should have celebrated 2001, not 2000 ;)

I want to celebrate star dates though!

Star dates? Are those arcane rituals held to propitiate the ancient deities that preside over certain years?

Ancient Gamer:
Well, it could be that, or a date with Hollywood/Bollywood celebrities. It could also be the best dates you ever had, or it could be some Mayan calendar dates. Or it could be a misspelled Star Trek reference. :)

More importantly, what will be the next decade called?

The one after it shall be The Twenties. Okay. But what of this one? Tennies?

(And what was the last one... I hear some people just say 'Zeroes'.)


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