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New Decade or Not?

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Anybody else seen the irrelevant discussions about whether we have officially started a new decade or not?

I just find it amusing that people seem to need to argue the point as if it really matters. For me, today is actually 12 baktuns, 19 k'atuns, 16 tuns, 17 winals and16 k'ins and the Lord of the Night is the 5th.  Just curious if this was a worldwide phenomenon that people want to really care that there is no 0 and want to ruin our buzz.

Either way the end of the world is in a couple years so it none of it really matter to me anyway.
1083 days, 16 hrs, 20 mins, 9 secs left!!

Ancient Gamer:
So, did the eighties start in 1980 or in 1981?

Hahaha, you are fooling us, right? There can't be a debate about this.

Siren no Orakio:
It's ES* 52,  everyone knows that, right? The decade was 2 years ago...

*Era Sputnik.

From what I understand... there was no Year 0.
A.D. began with Year 1, which came after 1 B.C.
so, 9 years after year 1, we have 10, 10 years (a decade) after 1 is 11.
So the new decade will begin with 2011. Though it's pretty d**n irrelevant.

Just kidding, keep up the good work. ;)

Largely because of my esoteric researches, I have begun using tridecimal for all things, thus it is the year BB8, obviously not a particularly important year...


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