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How to: Hall of Honour (HoH)
« on: December 28, 2009, 05:02:53 AM »
Hall of Honour

The Hall of Honour was implemented in order to allow us to highlight some older posts that are a great read but may have fell out of the limelight over time. There are new submissions coming all the time so sometimes even great submissions may slowly fade out of immediate view. Just because they are buried doesn't mean they aren't awesome and there are A LOT of them out there.

Hall of Honour gives other authors the opportunity to pop that submission back onto the front page and give it another chance to grab some attention.

Hall of Honour Rules

Cannot give a submission a HoH until it is over 10 days old.
The intention is to bring to the limelight elder posts. New posts have the attention of new comments and submissions and are often on the frontpage for a few days.  The don't necessarily need the extra attention...yet.

Can HoH a submission as many times as your level but have to wait 3 days between votes.
Yes, you can pop the same post back to the front as many times as your level. If you have a favorite you can't help but want to share...then share it!

You and the author gets XP from a HoH vote.
Yes, I want you to use your HoH and if anybody tells you otherwise, they are wrong. There are some that will use all theirs everyday and others that only use their very rarely for ones they feel really deserve it. It is up to you how you use it and use it you should. (Voter doesn't get much XP for it at all, just a token. However, the author gets a little more. All contributors listed as authors get the XP)

HoH's are cummulative.
So if you want to vote HoH on a submission that already has a HoH on it, it simply adds another 24 hours to current time so your vote isn't wasted. A better idea would be to favorite it and save it for later to bring it up again later, but it is your HoH, use it.
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