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And as long as you voted, they won't continue to show up in your control panel. A good few of them are fairly recent but many of them have been nominated for a long time so I would like to be patient for awhile and see how they pan out.

If a sub has a 1 for a long time, then 6th level authors and not fulfilling a need of the Citadel and they shall be taken to the public square and ridiculed while forced to eat cabbage with some Texas heat hot sauce. I don't like the autoremove as it cheapens the person's vote through a systemic and impersonal rejection. If the sub is not worthy, then one of many people simply have to cast one vote to negate it and remove the Golden. I feel better about that because it was actually looked at and thought about vs. arbitrarily removing Golden's. A sub at 0 Golden votes ( +1 -1) will not show up on anybodies profile so it just takes one person's downvote to take it out of the running. Many of the those 48 only require a single vote to make it disappear, we just need people to do it so it is not one person's burden.

Question added to first post. Good conversation as well, we want to get this right!

I just got here through random browsing and while I've done some Golden voting once in a while, I am not really that diligent with it. However, after I read through this thread, I realise the rule has changed since I last knew of. At one point, Goldens were permanent rather than fluctuating constantly but now with the change to Golden being constantly reassessed, I think some coding logic has to be fixed on the Strolenati page. Currently, it's only presenting Golden nominations for me to vote on rather than all Goldens and Golden nominations that I haven't voted on. People could in theory still come across a Golden by accident and then might vote for/against it while on the actual sub but in most cases, the Goldens who have already attained Golden status will stay there purely due to lack of voting. So yeah, just want to point it out.

Once it goes gold, I think it is intentional you can'd vote it down again. I am in that camp.

That was my impression of how the Goldens worked but that's not what Strolen announced up on his first post for this thread. To be honest, I'm neutral on this issue in the sense that I can see arguments for both ways although I'm slightly leaning towards established Goldens being able to be voted down away from Golden purely because of the fact that the Citadel had evolved drastically from its starting point and some early Goldens might have been less Golden-worthy. But then I haven't read every Golden there is so I cannot vouch for this really being the case.


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